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FREE e-book: 101 Travel Tips That Will Save You Money

FREE e-book: 101 Travel Tips That Will Save You Money

Want to travel cheaper and easier?

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In this Free E-book

  • Learn how to find the cheapest routes from A to B
  • Get free stuff while abroad
  • Learn multiple ways to save money on the road
  • Avoid food poisoning
  • Get better sleep when staying in hotels/hostels
  • Get into major attractions for half price
  • Improve your travel experiences
  • Learn the truth behind expensive “Volunteer” Programmes and how you could end up getting deported if you don’t follow the rules.


It’s all in here, and a lot, lot more… So what are you waiting for?

These tips will help independent travellers of all budgets.

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Why trust our tips?

We’ve been international travellers for many years and have currently visited and/or lived in over 60 countries world-wide and counting!

We are currently nomads living on a meagre budget, so saving money and making travel as effortless as possible, as well as staying safe, is a major priority!

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