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Where can I see the ping-pong shows in Bangkok?

Adult only ping pong in Bangkok…Yes we did it…..its one of those things you just have to give a go!!! And its not just ping pong, those ladies are talented at a number of other little games (no, not that, you have such a dirty mind!)…

In this article we look at the real costs of heading into the Phat Pong red light district, and some of the delights to be found, from lady-boys to “Special testicle Massage”.

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We return to the Bangkok Ping Pong Shows. The seediness may be the same but this time we beat the exit scam.

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Serve and return: Bangkok style

We’ve all heard of it but not all of us are sure we want to see this famed Bangkok attraction. Ladies fire ping-pongs from their “downstairs” regions and you can return serve with the provided table tennis bats. It wasn’t at the top of our must-see list but the idea of it certainly created a great sense of curiosity…

As you walk down the main strip, surrounded by the typical hustle and bustle of a Bangkok market you get bailed up by the touts trying to get you into their show: “We have best show, will give you happy hour discount”. Super Pussy! Super at firing ping pongs at least!

Super Pussy! Super at firing ping pongs at least! Ping pong Bangkok

Super Pussy! Super at firing ping pongs at least!

We were dragged into one which looked respectable from the outside, or at least as respectable as such a club could look. We climbed the dimly lit stairwell with an ever increasing feeling of unease, will we ever be allowed to leave such a den of depravity with our wallets… or our lives!? When the door opened there were two western ladies inside fighting with the employees who yelled at us that is was a sham and they wanted them to pay 3000 baht ($100) for the show after saying it would only cost 100 baht ($3.50).

We swiftly left and immediately were grabbed by a guy who said his show was much better and we wouldnt have to pay anymore than 100 baht and just buy 1 drink (100baht) each. We ended up at “Super Star” which like all the clubs is on the main market street of Phat Pong in Silom.

Upstairs the place looked a little better….but barely, the darkness covering up the dingy interior of what could have been an 18th century gin house in Victorian London – but with a stripper pole! There was already a couple inside, we asked them if it was all good, which they said it was, so we sat down and ordered a round of drinks.

The girls then entertained us with “firing” eggs for us to catch (Tom missed as he had no idea what was going on at the time! Men do often find vaginas confusing, of course), popping balloons in our hands by “firing” darts and then of course the actual ping pong display where we were given paddles to hit the balls back that she “served” to us from her well trained shooting device…

The Real Costs

"SuperStar" Our chosen Bangkok ping-pong venue

“SuperStar” Our chosen Bangkok ping-pong venue

It was a good bit of fun and after every display the girl involved will ask for a 100 baht ($3.50) tip – so make sure you arrive with lots of small change!

At the end of the show, when you go to pay for your drinks, is when they hit you with “the real bill”……..

Yes the ping pong show is 100 baht but they then wanted us to pay for the egg show, the balloon show etc. which we had already tipped for!
Total price for the entire show 3000 baht LOL, of course!

Rather than continuing to fight with them we paid for our drinks and the 100 baht per person for the show and just walked out, there were no big bouncers to intimidate you into paying up and they know its a HUGE con.

Our advice, go and do it, its a bit of Thai novelty naughty fun but just be aware of what your getting into! Carry plenty of change, 100baht notes and some 20s – that goes for anywhere in Thailand really, if you get caught needing to pay a tip and you only have a 1000baht note its going to be an expensive tip.
Ultimately how many times can you say you’ve played a game of ping pong like that? I can now say once and thats enough for me. The strangest thing is that this is in no way a sexual experience, really its just a comedy/circus act.

It’s worth noting, if you are hanging around some of the less desirable parts of Bangkok, it may be worth having travel insurance. Pick pocketing is pretty common, losing your passport, driver’s licence, bank cards etc. can be more than just an inconvenience. If someone steals your laptop from your hotel room while you are out for the night, that could be even worse!

BUDGET: Take 1000 baht ($35) in 100baht notes for tips and fees and be prepared to be firm if you are on a budget. Assume that tips you give to the girls will go straight to the owner of the club, not the girls themselves. If you play it right the 15 – 20 minute shows will cost about 800baht ($28) for a couple – actually quite cheap considering the type of show.

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What else is going on in the red light district?

Bangkok's Gay Street... Ladyboys abound!

Bangkok’s Gay Street (Soi 4)… Ladyboys abound!

We then headed to the next street along (towards Sala Daeng Metro station), parallel to Phat Pong. This is apparently Bangkok’s Gay District. It was a weekday and wasn’t super busy so its hard to tell, but they do have some slightly upper-market bars but with reasonable prices. Worth a visit for a casual evening, or if you are gay, of course!
We also learnt that taking photos in the bars when there happens to be prostitutes sat there is not well received… whoops!

Amongst the legitimate massage parlours on the route back to our hotel we also spotted one offering a more personal service… (Pictured below. 800 baht apparently – $28)

Ben ten Special Testicle massage

Compared to somewhere like Amsterdam, the Phat Pong red light district it is actually very subtle, and as with most of Thailand, violent crime is relatively low, just hold onto your wallet and don’t let the Madame at the ping pong bar see how much money you have! Learning a bit of Thai could be beneficial before your visit, as it will help you navigate the area more smoothly and engage with locals respectfully.
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