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Gastronomic Adventure Vacations for Committed Foodies!

Gastronomic Adventure Vacations for Committed Foodies!

A Food Fun Travel Collaboration

If you’re going to visit a new part of the world, then you’ll want to sample some of the local cuisine. In fact, there’s a sense in which you can’t really understand a country, or the people, until you’ve taken a look at what’s on the menu.

If you consider yourself a foodie, then you might take this logic a step further. Combine your passion for new food experiences with your passion for adventure vacations, and build your next vacation from the ground up in pursuit of new foodstuffs!

Experiencing food around the world

If you name any country in the world, then the chances are good that there’s a national dish associated with it. Some of the more obvious ones might spring to mind straight away. Travel to Naples, and you’re going to want to stop for a slice or two of pizza. If you’re in Mexico, then tacos will probably be on the menu.

Of course, in most cases, the food in question might not be so familiar. When was the last time you sat down for ćevapi, the national dish of Bosnia? Or what about gravlax, which is popular throughout Scandinavia?

And in some cases, you might be surprised at what eventually arrives on your plate. After all, the pizza we get at home is very different from the pizza they enjoy in Italy.

Food to Experience in Europe

If you’re planning a trip to Europe, several countries stand out for their culinary achievements.

Italian cuisine, naturally, centres around pasta. There are countless varieties to sample, so you’ll want to pick out the one that’s local. If you’re in Bologna, order Bolognese. If you’re not, then don’t!

France, on the other hand, has a few dishes that have been refined to perfection. Parisian jambon-beurre, croque monsieur, and the classic crepe are all worth sampling a few dozen times. Don’t forget the snails and frog’s legs, too!

If you’re travelling to Spain, then you’ll be mostly enjoying seafood and cured meats. The fullest expression of this, naturally, is the paella. There are dozens of different types to sample – so order it wherever seafood’s on the menu.

Culinary Delights of Central and South America

If you’re headed south, then you’ll find that much of the cuisine has a Spanish bent – but the local geography will, over the centuries, have granted each region its own unique cuisine. And then there’s the culinary heritage which endures from before the Conquistadors first arrived in this part of the world.

Argentine food tends to lean towards barbecue. Meat is often roasted over an open fire for hours on end, which results in a gorgeous, smoke-infused take on barbeque that’s quite distinct. 

In Peru, meanwhile, it’s all about the seafood. Ceviche consists of fresh seafood that’s been cured in lemon juice, rather than cooked. If you’re in Lima, then there are a few restaurants that serve a masterful version of this staple.


Asia is a massive chunk of the world’s total landmass, and you’ll find an accordingly huge variety of food there. In Japan, you can expect delicate sushi – obviously. In Korea, it’s Kimchi – which is a sort of pickled cabbage that’s often served as a starter or a side dish.