Glamping in Russia: Enjoying Nature in Style

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We present to you the most comfortable tent campsites outside Moscow, in the Tula region, and in the Altai region. Come with us!

Luxury camping – a “paradise” in a small tent with perfect conditions, just like a hotel. Glamping is a combination of two English words – glamour and camping. The term is widely used in the UK, and in 2016 it was included in the Oxford Dictionary. In “glamour camping” campsites, there are outlets, hot showers, toilets, and even a café for groups of two or more, but not too many. At the same time, luxury camping campsites are always located in picturesque locations in the open air, in harmony with nature. People are also advised to bring their own tents there. Also, don’t forget to get your Russian visa before departure.

Luxury camping in Karelia


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Soul Camp is located on the shores of a forest lake in the Republic of Karelia and consists of 10 spacious tents, each of which is heated by a wood-burning stove so that the camp is open until late autumn. The tents are equipped with beds and folding couches.

Morning’s camping at Soul Camp can start with yoga – instructors teach classes in one of the tents. During the day, you can rent a boat and enjoy the lake, or go to the “Ruskeala” mountain park, or to the waterfalls, about 20 minutes away from the camp (11 km).

In the evenings, there is a table game marathon and movie screenings.

Each tent can accommodate up to 6 people. In spring and autumn, the standard price is 5,000 rubles ($65.60 USD) per night. In summer, it is 6,000 rubles ($78.72 USD) per night. To stay in a tent with a view of the lake, you need to pay another 1000 rubles (approx $13 USD).

Luxury camping in Tula Oblast

This camp, consisting of 20 “Green Road” tents, is located in the Tula Oblast, in a clearing between a stream and a red pine forest, 120 km from Moscow.

The camp has hot showers, toilets, laundry and ironing facilities, a kitchen for summer use, and a guest refrigerator. There are electrical outlets and heaters in the tents.

From the camp, it is easy to get to the Polenovo Museum-Reserve and the Andrey Bolotov Museum Estate. The Yasnaya Polyana, Melikhovo, or Prioksko-Terrasny nature reserves can be reached in an hour by car.

You can fish in the ponds in the camp. If you want to have a good harvest, why not go to the “Great Oka” river? The camp staff will show you the best places for fishing.

You can also take a culinary tour around the farm. The village of Volkovichi (4 km from the camp) and the restaurant “Mark and Lion”, the first local restaurant in Russia, in the town of Privol’ye (2 km from the camp) are interesting. All dishes are made from vegetables grown on the nearby farms or by the restaurant. 

A standard tent for two people costs 4500 rubles ($59 USD) per day.

Luxury camping one hour from the Moscow Ring Road

“The Gulyay-Gorod complex is the first luxury camping site on the banks of the Oka River, established in Russia in 2016, one hour from the Moscow Ring Road and 10 km from the Polenovo Museum The reserve is 10 km away.
The tents are equipped with double or single beds. There are sockets and wi-fi, a lanai, and a fire pit in the tent.

The camp has its own river beach with a bar and a pier, so in summer you can swim and sunbathe in the Oka River. In addition to the fresh air, there is also a beach volleyball court. Outdoor enthusiasts can rent kayaks, paddleboards, or rafts. For those who want to spend a quiet holiday, there is a billiard room with bookshelves and a fireplace.
There is also a traditional campground where you can bring your own tent.

Tent rental on weekdays costs 3,000 rubles ($39.36 USD) per day. On weekends and holidays, it is 4000 rubles ($52.48 USD).

Luxury camping in the Altai region

The “Forest and Sea” tent camp is located in the coniferous forests of the Altai region, on the banks of the alpine river Yedygem. This place is difficult to reach and is a real wilderness environment, so plan ahead to see how to get there more easily. The best way is to go from Gorno-Altaysk by Mi-8 helicopter (the trip takes less than 1.5 hours).

You need to book your vacation here at least six months in advance, and even better a year in advance.

The camp “Forest and Sea” is an ideal place for those who love wilderness tracking activities. There is a professional guide in the luxury camping group, who knows all the routes around the camp. The camp can accommodate up to 14 people at a time. The tents are equipped with double beds, toilets, and showers. There is also a small restaurant with a chef, a campfire area for evening gatherings, and a site on the slopes of the Belukha Mountain, the high point of the Altai Mountains, with a breathtaking view. Also, look out for the Kurkure waterfall.

You can book an 8-day tour with helicopter access, guided hikes of various difficulty levels, and horseback riding to the highest peak nearby (500-600m) to enjoy the scenery of Belukha Mountain.

The cost of an all-inclusive 8-day tour (food, accommodation, and transportation) is 135,000 rubles ($1771.20 USD) per person.

Luxury camping on the Katon River in the Altai Mountains

The camp “Cheposh Park” is located in the red pine forest on the banks of the Katun River. Although it is called a “campsite”, it is not a tent camp, but a wooden bungalow with a simple terrace.

The forest where the campground is located covers more than 40 hectares. Squirrels, chipmunks, ferrets, about 10 species of woodpeckers, and more than 30 other forest birds live here.

During your relaxation here, you can take steam baths. There is also a cafe in the campground.
Staying at the camp is possible until the end of October. The minimum cost for a double room is 4500 rubles per day (including breakfast). The cost of a double room for a winter stay is 4300 rubles ($59.04 USD) per day.