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Gold Coast Nightlife – Our Top Food and Entertainment Picks

Gold Coast Nightlife – Our Top Food and Entertainment Picks

The Gold Coast, Queensland is a playground night and day. Pristine beaches, action and adventure to be found around every corner, popular hangouts for the fans of food and craft beer, shopping, bars and nightclubs galore. You want it – they’ve got it on the GC.

In this particular post we are going to be featuring a few attractions that can be enjoyed after dark. Couples looking for a weekend away and for a little bit grown up time will love this article. But not too much as we are big kids here at Food Fun Travel – and nothing we ever do is too serious or grown up ?

Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant

We had no idea what to expect from this experience. We knew that it was a cabaret dinner show, obviously based around some sort of “Dracula” or “horror” kind of theme, but that’s it.

The building itself you can’t miss – it’s a giant castle that looks like something Frank N. Furter would live in. Adorned with creatures of the night, you know just looking at it that the night is going to be…..interesting! Also nestled right in the heart of swank on the Gold Coast, to say it ‘stands out’ is an understatement.

Gold Coast Nightlife - Dracula's cabaret Gold Coast

As you arrive you are greeted by a gaggle or ghouls that set the scene for what is to come. We had in our hands a pair of VIP A Reserve tickets, so this meant we could head straight into Dracula’s house (no lines for us) where we were handed a glass of champagne and could grab a few canapés while waiting for the show to begin.

“Eat my balls!!!” exclaimed one of the ghoulish waiters as we approached, it took a moment before we noticed the tray of meatballs he was holding. We were also offered dismembered fingers, and other creepy canapés – all entirely edible. They certainly stick to the theme!

Gold Coast Nightlife - Dracula's cabaret Gold Coast

The decor, costumes and makeup are all incredible. This is totally my kinda place. I am a huge Rocky Horror Picture Show fan, and walking into Dracula’s Cabaret I felt like I was in some sort of B grade horror film. Creepy, corny, and very very naughty!

When you have a VIP ticket there is only one way to get to your seat – Ghost Train!!! When I found out that they actually have a ghost train inside the house I honestly squealed with excitement. That’s just freaking cool! This place just keeps getting better and better!

So yes, you get scared shitless and then get shown to your seat where you can choose your dinner options, eat, and then sit back and wait for the entertainment to start. Just look at this little coffin dessert – isn’t it the most awesome dessert you’ve ever seen – and tasty too!

Draculas 2nd-4

Funny thing is I chose to have the vegetarian option – which was scoffed at (all in good fun) by the wait staff – but it turned out to be one of the most interesting plates delivered.

Gold Coast Nightlife - Dracula's cabaret Gold Coast

Yes there is one thing you need to have at Dracula’s – a sense of humour. If you can’t handle a little bit of playful fun, gentle jibes, and naughty innuendo – this is not the place for you. Dracula’s is loads of fun – but you have to be a willing participant to really enjoy yourself. And Tommo and I were invested in having fun 100% – it’s kinda what we do.

The show “Blood Bath” was a mixture of contemporary music, including My Chemical Romance, Pink Floyd and more. I even heard a few Steel Panther riffs thrown in here and there which made us love this place even more! The show also combines burlesque, glow in the dark puppetry, aerial performances, and even some robotics.

Gold Coast Nightlife - Dracula's cabaret Gold Coast

The shows do change regularly so Blood Bath is no longer showing at Dracula’s on the Gold Coast – but the crew is always coming up with new innovative ideas for cheeky new shows, and no matter which one you see you won’t be disappointed. You’ll find yourself, clapping, cheering, laughing and being in awe of these exceptionally talented performers. You couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces – we had such a great time!

Gold Coast Nightlife - Dracula's cabaret Gold Coast

Dracula’s new show Retro Vampt has just started (July 5th 2016) if you are a fan of the 70’s get down and see it!

To get your tickets to Dracula’s latest show CLICK HERE


Dracula’s cabaret is food and entertainment all wrapped up into one fantastic dining experience on the Gold Coast. But I know you, foodies, out there will be looking for a few other recommendations on where to eat on the GC.

Here are a few places we love to visit when we are in town:

Hard Rock Cafe Surfers Paradise

Nestled in the heart of Surfers, you can’t miss this Gold Coast icon. Serving up only the freshest and best local produce, Hard Rock Surfers Paradise upholds it’s international name as a reliable place to get a really great meal. We recommend dropping in to try their “World Burger Tour”, featuring legendary burgers from around the globe.

Gold Coast Nightlife - Hard Rock Surfers Paradise Gold Coast

Hard Rock Surfers Paradise also offers great outdoor seating for warm Aussie nights, where you can sit back have a cold beer and enjoy some local entertainment. Check their events calendar for upcoming music nights and events.


Looking for even more food and live music? The Nightquarter is the hottest place to hang out for foodies on the Gold Coast. Every Friday and Saturday night both tourists and locals are flocking to these funky markets to indulge in a variety of food stalls, vintage and locally made designer clothing, art & craft stalls plus loads of local entertainment and live music. You can even catch my little brother playing there on certain nights if you’re lucky?

Admission is $3 to maintain the site etc plus any purchases you make onsite. The night market is open 4pm-10pm every Friday & Saturday night

Looking for Dessert?

If you can handle the extreme sugar hit, then Doughnut Time is the place for you.

A recent-ish addition to the GC scene Doughnut Time has taken Australia by storm with it’s interesting and unique doughnut flavours including The Cookie Monster, Love at First Bite, Vegan Fox, Ferrero No Share and more….they are always changing the menu so you have to drop by to see what’s in stock. We personally grabbed a Verruca Salt, salted caramel-filled and dusted with cinnamon sugar doughnut. Decadent to the very end!

veruca salt - doughnut time gold coast

Image from


The great thing about Doughnut time for all the foodies and lovers of all things sweet, is they offer something for everyone – including vegans and those with gluten intolerances. Almost anyone can enjoy these insanely sweet treats – except perhaps diabetics – I’d wouldn’t even stand downwind of this store if you are diabetic *jk

Gold Coast Nightlife - Burleigh heads


These are a few of our favourite places to hang out on the Gold Coast after the sun sets – the nightclub scene is HUGE on the GC but that has never been our cup of tea. If you are looking for a few Gold Coast nightlife options that aren’t all duff duff music – we say give these a try.

Where to stay after your night out? Here are our favourite accommodation picks:

QT Gold coast

QT Gold Coast


q1 resort

Q1 Resort & Spa


peppers soul

Peppers Soul


If you are looking for more accommodation options on the Gold Coast, we prefer to use HotelsCombined. They have a great selection and help you get the best possible price!

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The Gold Coast is a playground night & day. In this particular post we are going to be featuring a few grown up attractions that can be enjoyed after dark.

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