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003 Slow travel is quickest way to travel freedom & $5 Hong Kong Podcast

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Slow Travel & Hong Kong Podcast Episode 003:

Slow travel the key to discovering travel freedom sooner. We also visit hong kong and learn about crazy superstitions and the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world.

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In this Hong Kong podcast episode:

We discuss:

  • Feature Topic: Why Slow travel is the key to discovering travel freedom sooner
  • Destination Feature Topic: Chinese Superstitions in Hong Kong & The Hong Kong Protests – why they are happening & the reality of life as a protester.
  • Interview: Featuring local twitter activist Chris. We talk to Chris about his favourite local things to do in Hong Kong, Food and nightlife.
  • $5 Foods: Curry Fish Balls. Hong Kong style szechuan hot pot.
  • $5 Fun/Travel: Visit the IFC tower – BYO Beer.

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Web Links From Hong Kong Podcast

How to become a housesitting pro in just 3 months.

Trusted Housesitters.com – Get housesitting and stay around the world for free.


Our interview guest: Chrisderps on Twitter – Live tweets following the Hong Kong Protests.

Sheung Wan – The old style hong kong shopping district.

Soho – The more laid back nightlife area on Hong Kong Island.

Lan Kwai Fong – Party central for Nightlife in hong kong

The IFC Tower – Late night hangout with amazing public seating area and views of Hong Kong harbour. Visit the roof Garden on level 4, 24 hours a day. The mall may look closed but you can still walk through and get up to the garden.

Rode Smartphone recording mic – The mini mic we use to record on the road.

Cabin Zero – Our new carry on only backpacks!


Photos From Hong Kong Podcast

Athens Cats-2

Figaro, the kitten we looked after during our housesit in Athens

3 Michelin star dim sum:


Curry Fish Balls

Just over US$1 per serving.

Curry Fish Balls: Hong Kong Podcast

Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/karendotcom127/3116776498/


Hong Kong Hot Pot:

  • Price: 150 HK$ (US$20) + 3 Side Plates (US$11) Serves 5-6 people.
  • Location: Food Map. 長來食坊 (Cheung Loi Restaurant). 11 Yu Wing Path,Yuen Long
Best Food-2.jpg Best Food-3.jpg


DISCLAIMER: We are affiliated with TBEX, cabin zero and Trusted Housesitters. We are not affiliated with any other of the recommended products on this page. Our opinions, as always, are our own.



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