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How To Cook Restaurant-Style Meat Dishes At Home

How To Cook Restaurant-Style Meat Dishes At Home

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While there’s nothing wrong with eating in luxurious, high-end restaurants every now and then, doing it frequently will break the bank. The good news is that anyone can mimic their favorite restaurant’s food quality and experience as long as they know the proper cooking techniques. 

Of course, a top-grade meat dish in your favorite restaurants comes with quality meat cuts. Hence, shopping for fresh and delicious proteins from a reputable meat delivery company like the Meat Box online butcher is crucial. Get your preferred lamb cuts, lean pork, beef, or chicken delivered right to your doorsteps. 

Please read on if you’re planning to copy fine-dining meat dishes for any occasion. Apply the following steps for a restaurant-style meat dish that your family will enjoy: 

  • Prioritize Meat Quality  

This tip can never be overstated. Every protein dish always depends on the quality of the main ingredient, which is the meat itself. But before ensuring the highest quality of meat you deserve, research and select the best meat vendor. If you’re heading to the nearest meat shop or supermarket, look at the freshness and color of the meat.  

For instance, with beef, the color should be deep, rich, and mottled with red. Pork should have that reddish pink color to purplish red shade, while chicken must have that light pink shade but with white pieces of fat. Younger meat, like a lamb, should be vibrant, and marbling should be visible. Quality is generally determined by marbling.   

On the other hand, if you prefer online meat delivery services, you can still get access to the freshest quality proteins available. The key is to search online and read reviews from online delivery meat shops. Since you won’t be able to see them in person, you may want to rely on the actual photos posted by customers. You can also chat with the seller and ask for actual images before ordering.   

  • Prepare Your Meats Ahead Of Time  

The next best tip for preparing an excellent meat dish at home is to prepare your ingredients ahead of time. After all, a lot of planning and preparation goes into the plate of delicious food served in your favorite restaurant. The same context should apply to your home meal. Before you finally place the meat into the pot or pan, you should carefully prepare the meat by washing, slicing, portioning, etc.   

Prepare your dinner well in advance to achieve fine-dining quality food. Plan what kind of meat dish you want to cook and ensure the meat is sliced or chopped as needed. Make sure that everything you can prepare has been completed before cooking. Preparing the ingredients and steps in advance will give you more time to have a better result. A meat dish should not be rushed because some proteins must be cooked longer. Hence, it’s essential to plan it all ahead of time.  

  • De-Freeze Meat Before Cooking  

The meat should be frozen at low temperatures to preserve its best quality. However, if you’re cooking meat for the day, you should delegate enough time for the meat to de-freeze. Leaving your meat out of the fridge before cooking will help keep it fresh and avoid undercooking. Additionally, you’ll enjoy more flavorful and juicier meat.    

Classic dry aged sliced roast beef with fried onion rings

  • Avoid Overcooking  

Whether you’re cooking at home or on the road, there are cooking tips that will help you achieve satisfying results. For instance, overcooking meat is a mortal sin among chefs and restaurant staff. While some people prefer their meat well-done, it’s entirely a different story to overcook and have them hard and over-texturized. Overcooking meat will lose the natural flavor and juiciness of the proteins.  

As a result, your meat dish will also have a more rigid texture. It’s essential to stick to the perfect cooking time, no matter what kind of meat you’re dealing with. You can easily manage your meat with a steak knife when it’s juicy, succulent, and easy to chew. The key is following the right cooking duration to ensure the best outcome.    

  • Marinate If Needed  

Depending on the meat dish you want to cook, some require marinating. When the meat reaches room temperature, the best time to marinate your meat is for at least an hour. Go for water or sauce-based marinades. You can improve their tenderizing effect on meat if you go for marinade mixes with vinegar, citrus, and other fast-absorbing flavors. You can search for some classic steak marinade recipes to get the best results if you’re preparing steak. 


Preparing a restaurant-quality meat dish at home can be achieved by anyone, even if you’re not a Michelin-star chef. Remember to apply simple and fundamental steps in cooking, and emphasize the star of your dish, which is the meat. Hopefully, you can apply the tips above to cook a perfect meal dish for your family.