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How to Find the Best Places to Eat at Disneyland and Disney World

How to Find the Best Places to Eat at Disneyland and Disney World

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Each of Disney’s theme parks is a wonderful place for people of all ages to visit, and the appeal isn’t just tied to the rides and the attractions. In fact, even something as simple as fueling up on food can be a memorable experience.

There are a ton of eateries to choose between at the Disneyland and Disney World resorts, so how can you narrow down your options?

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Choose a restaurant that’s truly magical

It helps to match the dining experience to the occasion, and there are lots of quick and casual outlets for grabbing a bite on the go. But if you’re interested in having an unforgettable meal during your visit, it pays to do some research.

Among the best Disneyland restaurants, for example, are restaurants with a transporting atmosphere that will let you soak up the good vibes. This includes the world famous Blue Bayou, which lets you tuck into delicious dishes while overlooking the waterfront.

There’s also the Plaza Inn, which includes options to have meals attended by characters from the park, which is perfect for little ones. Just remember to have healthy snacks with you to avoid hunger tantrums during the day.

Meanwhile at Disney World, there are lots of similarly head-turning places to chow down, including Topolino Terrace, Space 220 and Tusker House.

Consider the location

Bear in mind that the Disney resorts are sprawling parks, and restaurants are not always clustered in the same area, but tend to be dotted around for added convenience to visitors.

This does mean that if you’ve settled on a venue you want to eat at, you need to consider where it is in relation to the rest of the resort. That way you won’t have to trek over a long distance when mealtimes arrive, because you hadn’t accounted for the location of the restaurant.

Work out a budget

Disneyland and Disney World are both very transparent in their pricing, so you can look up the cost of a meal at the various food outlets before you arrive.

This is helpful because it means you can factor in food costs when putting together your budget for a trip. You don’t want to arrive having pushed yourself close to your limit, only to find that the restaurant you hoped to dine with will tip you over the edge.

Take the season into account

As mentioned, many of the restaurants at these resorts offer outdoor dining, whether that’s in a plaza, with a European-style bistro setup, or by the waterfront.

That’s great, so long as the weather is fine. If it’s too cold, windy, or rainy, then you’ll be more limited in where you can sit and what views you can enjoy. If it’s too hot or humid, you might want to retreat inside anyway.

All of these aspects will determine which restaurant is the ‘best’ for you during your visit, so remember this as you put together your itinerary.

Always book a table in advance if possible

The last essential step for any Disneyland or Disney World fans who are hoping to have a magical dining experience during their trip is to book a table at their restaurant of choice ahead of schedule, preferably when purchasing their tickets for the resorts.

Popular eateries can easily get over-subscribed weeks or even months in advance, especially in peak periods of business during the summer.

Wrapping up

Now you know how you can find the best places to eat at Disneyland and Disney World, what are you waiting for? It’s time to arrange your dream resort vacation, with dinner organized as part of the planning!