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How to find the best travel agent

How to find the best travel agent

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Hiring a travel agent is critical when traveling to destinations you are not familiar with. Although you can find information on the internet that can be helpful in helping you plan your journey, the info available does not cover all the bases. Travel agents are privy to emerging trends in the industry making it ideal for you to use them to ensure you are well prepared for your travel. There are numerous benefits linked to using experts in the travel sector. For instance, agents play a vital role in applying and expediting the visa process. Additionally, they can link you to waivers available such as ESTA Hawaii and others available for the country you intend to visit. Below we avail some tips to help you get the best travel agent without too much hassle. 

Ask for recommendations 

The first place to begin your search is from the people close to you. Ask your friends, family members, and colleagues to recommend a travel agent in your locality. Create a list as they give you the options available to generate a pool to select from. Request for ratings for each provider to ensure you have a clear picture of what their services entail. List their strengths and weaknesses then review the list to gauge the best option for your travel needs. From the recommendations, you can tell which providers are popular among the people close to you and why. 

Review the shortlisted travel agents 

From the feedback you receive from your friends and family, rank the different agents available for you as dictated by your needs and the types of services they offer. Eliminate any providers that do not fit the description of what you are looking for. Once you have shortlisted agents, it is time to review their products and services. Visit the agents’ sites and check the testimonial segment for the reviews left by other clients. Read through the negative and positive reviews to establish whether you want to work with them or not. Social media platforms are also a great way of getting organic reviews that will help you make a well-versed decision. 

Check if the agent is licensed

Working with a licensed agent is important. Some of the providers operating businesses in this category have no valid certifications from regulatory bodies. This has implications that you do not want to deal with when things go south. Licensing guarantees that you will get standardized services within the laws of the land. To ensure that the agent you pick is the best, confirm that they are licensed to operate in your jurisdiction. Information on the certifications should also be readily available to put your doubts to ease. 

Other aspects such as cost and the reputation of the travel agent are important to consider as they will influence your decision in the long run. Always assess the number of years the travel agent you select has been in business and their specialty within the operational duration. It is prudent to work with a provider who has know-how in the intricate details of the destination and type of travel you plan to undertake.