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How to organize a roadtrip in the United States of America

A Food Fun Travel Guest Post

Transatlantic travel is unquestionably life travel. They are experiences that remain forever etched in the memory. Unlike travel in Europe that feels a bit familiar (some commonalities between peoples, the common currency, and the short distances by plane), everything is so different in America. The feelings may be similar to those of the first explorers who, wanting to reach India, discovered a new world, one might say.

Suppose you are thinking of organizing a car trip to enchanting America. In that case, you should definitely know some fundamental things to avoid some critical problems that will definitely affect your overall experience. So let’s find out together:

Preparation – Airline tickets

When traveling alone and not with a travel agency group, you will need much more organization and preparation for your trip. So consider that your journey will begin many months earlier. First, you need to look for airline tickets that will allow you to fly to this amazing continent. It is important to remember that it is crucial to look into visa requirements, airport changes, and long hours of waiting when it comes to air travel. So do not hesitate to pay more in order to get to your destination faster and more relaxed.

Car hire

Immediately after, it would be best if you started your extensive research related to attractions, destinations, places you want to visit, and museums, all adapted to a program that facilitates you and meets your own likes and needs. Study the map of the areas you will see, ensuring that all your chosen destinations follow a logical order. You will quickly realize that the distances are enormous between the places you want to explore, which is why renting a car is definitely necessary.

Through Enjoy Travel, you can find any car for hire in America, all at a meager cost per day. Also, in order to be protected and insured in case of a mechanical failure or some other unexpected in your vehicle, it is recommended that you book a complete insurance service. Closing full insurance, the rental company will commit a smaller amount from your card than if you book a lower value package. This way, you will not have to pay out of pocket in case of damage. Also, a prerequisite for all this to be done is to have a credit card in your possession.

How to choose what you will see

This is a purely subjective issue. Do you like landscapes or museums? Do you want to do a particular activity along the way? Do you like gastronomic tourism? It’s totally up to your own tastes and desires. Two great apps to see what each area has to offer are TripAdvisor and Visit a City. Once you have decided what you want to see, book tickets to museums and other activities in time so as not to waste time in queues (many times on the internet everything is cheaper).

What you need to know about driving in the US

  • Gasoline is (usually) very cheap. Calculate that you will pay about 0.40 cents per liter! (of course, circumstances can change so check average prices before you go)
  • The traffic lights are located after intersections. It may seem strange at first, but you get used to it.
  • It is very rare to find a car rental with a manual transmission. The automatic is even more relaxed, and you will get used to it immediately. The big difference is that you will not take your foot off the brake when you stop at the traffic light!
  • Pay attention to speed limits. Keep to them, so you don’t get in trouble.
  • Horns, playing with your car’s lights, and continuous overtaking from the right and from the left lane (the so-called wave) are punished with penalties.
  • If you are in the left lane and go the speed limit, you do not have to turn right to be overtaken by someone coming from behind you. He will wait patiently until you decide to change lanes.
  • It is not necessary to obtain an international driver’s license. In many states, they accept the diploma of a new type of our country. Email the rental company or a search in the State Department of Transportation to 100% make sure before you go.