How to Save Money on Solo Traveling – A Solo Traveler’s Guide

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Solo traveling is fun and liberating! You pick your choice of destination, stay in your choice of hotel, decide what currency to travel with, for example, you are big fan of crypto and buy Ethereum, do the activities you like, and eat the food you love. Already done that? Great! But if you are yet to set off on a trip alone, then this is the time. Almost fifty percent of the United States is vaccinated, and costs of flights have yet not reached pre-covid levels. Furthermore, we are giving you some awesome tips to help you score cheap flight tickets and save on your overall travel budget.

Stay in hostels or homestays

I guess you are traveling solo because you are interested in soaking up some culture, history, and nature. Checking into a hotel room and staying alone wouldn’t do justice to your trip. Rather, stay in a hostel where you can share a room with likewise travelers. Share your stories, listen to others with intriguing anecdotes or stay with locals and get to learn and experience their culture and life. Hotel rooms, especially if you are traveling to a popular city, can eat up a large share of your travel budget. Why would you want to do that when you can have more fun and memories by staying in a backpacking hostel or homestay. Furthermore, you can make your vacation more budget-friendly by finding cheap flights online.

Be Flexible with your travel dates

Being flexible with your travel date can help you save a significant amount of money on both flights and accommodation. We suggest that you start looking for prices of airplane tickets and lodging as soon as you know when you will be traveling. Get an idea of the costs for all the travel products you may require and book as soon as you see the costs going below or close to what you have estimated. Moving your travel dates by just a couple of dates can also help you save big on your travel budget.

Don’t be fixed about your travel destination

Now since you are traveling alone, why would you want to go to a particular city or country? Give yourself the luxury of choosing from multiple destinations. What’s the motive of your getaway? Do you just want to tick off one travel destination or are you looking for an experience? If you love the glitzy life of New York City or love the idea of the amazing things to do in Las Vegas then, we recommend you visit Atlantic City or New Orleans. The cities are glamorous, and they brim with an endless list of activities. You may end up saving a lot on both airlines tickets and accommodations. Furthermore, dining and tourist activities also cost less in the cheaper alternatives of the popular destinations. If you are flexible with your travel destination, you may even find cheap airline tickets if you want to embark on an unplanned weekend trip.

Travel in off-seasons

Just pack right and wait until the excessive crowds wind down. You will find great deals on flights just by traveling in off season. Fall is a great season to set off on a solo vacation. With kids back to school, the restaurants and famous tourist spots of many popular travel destinations may have some discounts for you. Also, you get more time and space to enjoy the iconic sites. A sunset from a mountain top, or the blue waters from a scenic beach. Just spend some time learning about the weather conditions of the city you are traveling to beforehand. Your destination may have pleasant weather during the daytime, but evenings may be cold. So pack right so that you don’t have to spend money unnecessarily buying a jacket or umbrella because you didn’t consider packing them.


Find yourself a map and try to cover as much of the city as possible on foot. You can also take walking tours and explore famous sites and attractions with like-minded people. Most cities in the United States and even abroad have groups or organizations offering free tours to travelers to introduce them to their history and culture. That’s what you wanted, didn’t you? Hiring taxis and even public transport in some cities may cost you a bomb. Joining a walking tour is a great way of saving some money.