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Land Down Under: Traveling to Australia and How Much It May Cost You

Land Down Under: Traveling to Australia and How Much It May Cost You

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Most people have Australia as their dream destination. Due to strict protocols regarding the pandemic, the country just recently opened its borders to anyone for education, for work, and of course, for travel. You can do so many things in Australia, but how much would it cost you?

Are you also looking for travel planning tips for a trip to the Down Under? The great thing is, Australia is a vast country with plenty of things to do. To start planning your itinerary, consider the activities mentioned below.


Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. QLD.

So, how much does a vacation cost in Australia? It would depend on the places you’re visiting and for how long. Nonetheless, it’s highly recommended that you consider adding the Great Barrier Reef to your list of locations. It’s one of the most famous places to visit. You can find exotic fish, beautiful coral, and other marine life while snorkeling not far from the beach.

Ensure that the company you tour with is eco-friendly and promotes coral and marine life preservation. Some popular places to visit include Cairns, Port Douglas, or Cape Tribulation when planning a Great Barrier Reef trip. The average cost ranges from $100-200+ AUD, depending on what package you want.


Drive across the Great Ocean Road. VIC.

Do you know how to drive? Then, consider renting a car in Melbourne on your trip! The Great Ocean Road has incredible scenery; it’s one of the most scenic coastal drives you’ll ever experience! On your road trip, you can see the famous beach spots at Bells Beach and Torquay, the spectacular rock formations of the 12 apostles, and more kangaroos! 

It can take at least two days for this road trip if you take your time, but you can actually cover it within three to four hours. The cost will depend on the sort of car you choose to hire and what inclusions you opt for. Average car hire costs $100+ AUD per day


Brisbane Museum Hopping. QLD.

Brisbane is one of the oldest cities in the country. It has a great history, and it’s a must-visit place when sightseeing and getting to know the history of Australia. If museums aren’t usually your cup of tea, don’t worry since you’re bound to find something else intriguing. There are great options for science lovers at South Bank, such as the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, and the Queensland Science Centre and Museum. 

On the other hand, if you prefer looking at and appreciating art, you can head to the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), Queensland Art Gallery, and the QUT Art Museum. Other great options are the Queensland Maritime Museum, The Workshops Rail Museum, and the Museum of Brisbane. 

Indeed, Brisbane has numerous museums in store for its locals and foreign visitors. Museum hopping in Brisbane won’t cost you a thing, maybe except fare costs, but the entrance fee is free of charge in most of the museums listed.

Sunset or Sunrise Watching at Uluru. NT.

You can witness Australia’s most beautiful natural monument, Ayers Rock or Uluru, by walking around its base. You can also watch the sunset or sunrise on a camel tour; budget $80+ AUD for this activity. 

The massive red sandstone is spectacular in a sunset or sunrise glow. Be respectful while visiting this monument since it’s sacred to indigenous Australians. It’s quite a long walk, but this is a must-go place for tourists!

Have fun with Kangaroos at Lucky Bay. WA.

Sunbathing and chilling on a white sandy beach next to kangaroos is the most iconically Australian thing you can do. The resident kangaroos at Lucky Bay are known to sunbathe themselves at numerous Australian beaches regularly. The most well-known one is at Lucky Bay in Western Australia. This beach has turquoise water and white sand, making the location and experience unforgettable. 

The entrance fee will cost you $15 AUD, but it’s a small price to keep the place in top condition. Be sure to visit earlier or later in the day if you want to see kangaroos. These animals are nocturnal, so they’re usually most active at night.


In Conclusion

Now that you know the top five things to do in Australia, you can plan your itinerary and save up for your trip. To fully enjoy your trip, you can read more articles like this one to learn more about the activities available.

Additionally, when picking one of the things in the list above, evaluate your hobbies and interests first. How can you enjoy an activity if it doesn’t make you happy or it makes you scared? For example, riding a hot air balloon can be fun for most, but some may find it troublesome due to their fear of heights. Regardless of your choice of activities, Australia is one of the best places in the world to visit. You won’t regret having fun while you’re in the land down under.