Laos has too much to offer – Cherry-pick from the list of the best spots to visit

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Stuffed with limestone spires and temples, land-locked, home to rarest animals, riddled with adventurous caves – Laos undoubtedly has a unique charm to itself that most travelers admire. They fall in love with its laid-back and sleepy atmosphere with its charming locals, much in contrast with Vietnam or Thailand

Wrapped in a hilly landscape, it is one of the most stunning countries of South-East Asia even though the country has a lack of beaches (something SEA is often known for) it’s still one to add to your travel bucket list. For someone wanting a high adrenaline rush, this is the place to be as you can go kayaking, zip-lining, cave tubing, hiking, all in a single day.

Travelers planning to visit Laos will have to know about the Laos visa policy so as to be eligible to apply for one. They have introduced an online visa system to make it hassle-free for foreign tourists to enter the country. To obtain a Laos visa, you need a valid email address, a valid passport, and a debit card – it’s that easy!

5 Must-do activities when you’re in Laos


  • Visit Vang Vieng

In the late 1990s, backpackers discovered this small town in Laos named Vang Vieng. Very soon, this little town developed into a busy and bustling hedonistic city. Currently, Vang Vieng is said to be the hub for all sorts of outdoor activities like jungle hikes, or even spending a lazy day by the river. There are a handful of bars that are great to visit on a hot day in Laos too.


  • Relax in Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is a rather slow-paced city where there’s not much that you can do apart from enjoying the breathtaking sunset over the Mekong River. You can also spend quality time at the Kuang Si Waterfalls and shop till you drop at the night market. 


  • Visit the 4000 Islands

The 4000 Islands are located in Southern Laos and are an area of small uninhabited islands along the Mekong River near the Cambodian border. These islands are quite popular among backpackers as they have a chilled and laid-back vibe. Accommodation is rather cheap and there’s not much that you can do here besides chilling by the river. 


  • Don’t miss the Plain of Jars

The Plain of Jars is interesting as it has thousands of stone jars that are scattered at 3 different places. This place is said to be one of the burial places since the Iron Age and is, therefore, one of the best prehistoric sites of South-East Asia. Legends and stories say that these jars were made by a gang of giants to store alcohol. 


  • Try the Gibbon experience

This is undoubtedly one of the best activities that you can practice in Laos. The Gibbon Experience is a series of fast-paced zip lines that connect you to the tallest treehouses in the world where you can even stay for 3 nights. 

Travel Cost to Laos

Laos accommodation expenses are pretty cheap as you get dorm rooms at about 45,000-80,000 LAK ($5-$9 USD) per night. If you take a private room at some hostel with air conditioning, that will cost you around 115,000-175,000 LAK ($13-20 USD). You get free Wi-Fi at almost every hostel. Don’t think of cooking your own food at a hostel as they rarely have kitchens. 

Budget guesthouses and hotels are available too, which start at around 110,000 LAK for a twin double room. And in case you wish to splurge in a 4-star hotel that has a pool, be ready to pay a minimum of 400,000 LAK/night. 

Money-saving tips on your Laos trip

As Laos is a rather cheap destination, you’ll feel hard-pressed to save even more. Here are a few ways to save money while in Laos:

  • Get things from local markets. Getting food for yourself is cheaper than dining at restaurants, especially when you’re on a budget. 
  • Choose public transports like tuk-tuks and taxis as they are not just convenient but also pocket-friendly. (But make sure you negotiate before hoping in!) 
  • Don’t opt for western food as it is costlier than local cuisine. 

If you’ve thought of flying to Laos for your next vacation, keep in mind all the above-mentioned travel tips to make your trip hassle-free.


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