Merida Essential Info

After living in downtown Merida Mexico for over a year, we’ve explored and trialled as much of the culture, food, nightlife and day trips as we possibly could! And now we want to share our favourite things to do in Merida Mexico – The capital of the Yucatan.

Basic Info

  • People

    There are almost 800k people living in Merida and most of the population is made up of Mayan & Mexican locals. There is also a large expat population living here and enjoying the laid back Yucatan lifestyle. Although it is a big city the only time you’ll notice it is during rush hour traffic. Merida is very spread out so most of the time it’s calm, quiet and very relaxed.

  • Best Time To Visit

    Merida is known for being HOT! That’s why the best times to visit is usually December – March (winter) where temperatures are around 30 degrees (88F). Temps can get up to as high as 40+ degrees (104 F) in May so steer clear if you want to stay cool

  • Culture

    The Yucatan Peninsula is homeland to the Mayan civilization (Chichen Itza etc.). The Mayan population still living here today form the largest indigenous population in the Americas. Mayan is a distinct language and culture which you’ll find being celebrated throughout Merida and the Yucatan Peninsula.

Fun Facts

  • Quite Interesting....

    Yucatán (in particular Merida) was one wealthiest places in the world. The henequen trade was making big money for the region in the nineteenth century, Yucatecans and their estates known as Haciendas were responsible for providing the important rope fiber, also called sisal, to the world.

  • Festivals

    With its exhaustive cultural calendar, as well as the regular weekly events, like the Sunday Fiesta in Plaza Grande, or the Tuesday Musical Memories in Parque Santiago, Merida also makes room for some big parties on a more infrequent basis, including: Noche Blanca (white night), Dia de los muertos (day of the dead) and more…

  • Interesting Tours

    You can Day-trip to Chichen Itza (One of the 7 Wonders of the World). It’s just a few hours drive from Merida. In close proximity… A biosphere reserve with thousands of flamingos. The yellow city. Hundreds (if not thousands) of “cenotes”, natural sinkholes filled with crystal blue fresh water. And, much more!


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