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Momo Brasserie, Sydney (Restaurant Review with Video)

Momo Brasserie, Sydney (Restaurant Review with Video)

Its sandwiches, awesome posh sandwiches! If you want to sit down and eat gourmet sandwiches in Sydney CBD then Momo Brasserie is the place. Not only is the menu extensively filled with mouthwatering classics as well as some unique and inspiring choices but the service is excellent too!

Momo Brasserie InteriorSubway is cheap and tasty, and don’t get me wrong as a Five Dollar Traveller you should probably opt for eating fast food on a street corner on most occasions… But this blog is not just about spending the least money, its maximum adventure, minimum budget. One of our favourite things to do whilst travelling is eat, and eat something different from what we can get anywhere else, and sometimes that is worth spending a few extra dollars for.

Momo Brasserie History of Pastrami

The major selling point at Momo is although they offer classic sandwich combos to keep your everyday diner happy, they also offer some unique combinations for the more adventurous amongst us, and even with the classics they are going the extra mile to take them to the next level.

I’m advised that the Pastrami is the house special as they make it themselves. Smoking and curing your own beef is the sort of “going the extra mile” that moves momo up to a category of full restaurant and not just another sandwich bar.
Momo Brasserie: Pastrami New York Style Sandwich

It also helps that not only do they make it themselves, but they make it really well too!! I opt for the New york  classic of “Pastrami on rye” because I need to find out what all the fuss is about. I’ve had this style of sandwich before, albeit not in New York, but the Pastrami exceeds expectations, its got the meaty texture of a product that was created with care and attention and not the rubbery cheap stuff you’d get in a packet. If I have on criticism I’d say the rest of the sandwich is a little dry, still tasty but the addition of more sauce/cheese may have helped balance the dish overall – however the Pastrami is the star and I give Momo full marks on that one!

Momo Brasserie Haloumi and grilled veg

The chips in a basket are also a nice touch! and very crunchy!

Choosing what to order was difficult, soooooo many good options that will get you through the doors again and again until you can try them all. Megsy opted for one of the specials: Haloumi with Roasted Veg and salsa which was one a number of daily specials. This one certainly wasn’t dry at all – in fact I preferred it to the Pastrami but I’ll let Megsy tell you a little more about it:

“The contrast between the cold salsa and the freshly grilled haloumi created a delicious balance that was perfectly complemented by the grilled veg – like Mexico and the Mediterranean in one perfect little package!”




Momo Brasserie Logo

Attentive service, a modern and well presented interior and a fantastic menu which includes non sandwich items too. Momo Brasserie is the full package and given all this the prices are actually very reasonable at about $16 for a very filing Sandwich and chips.

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