Overnight Oat Recipes for Easy Mornings

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Most people have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, which has heavily impacted our food behavior when it comes to breakfast.  Many grab a breakfast bar or neglect to eat anything until it’s lunchtime, but this isn’t healthy.  Instead, overnight oats offer you the chance to have a premade and healthy breakfast or snack in your fridge at all times.

Here’s everything you need to know about overnight oats and some recipes to help you mix it up a little! 

Why Overnight Oats?

Overnight oats are a popular breakfast food for dozens of reasons, but the largest might be that they’re so easy and delicious.  You can premake a couple of days worth of breakfast for yourself, and then in the mornings, focus on houses for rent in Columbus, GA, instead of figuring out what you’re going to eat.  Not only are overnight oats healthier since they’re lower in sugar and carbs, but they’re also entirely customizable, meaning that you can make them taste however you want.

These recipes are based on the classic overnight oat recipe, which is one-half cup of oats and one cup of milk or liquid of your choice.  Many like to replace half a cup of milk with yogurt, but you can mix and match however you want.  These are often ready within four hours of sitting in the fridge, but most let them go overnight to have an easy breakfast.

Peanut Butter Cup

If you like a sweeter breakfast, consider trying the peanut butter cup!  This is best for anyone who wants a protein-heavy breakfast and loves some sweetness with their morning.  To make this recipe, add one scoop of chocolate-flavored protein powder and one tablespoon of peanut butter.  If you have roasted peanuts, you can drop a quarter cup of them into this recipe to add some fun texture.

The Oatmeal Cookie

This delicious oat recipe is a favorite of anyone who likes oatmeal cookies.  To make this, add a teaspoon of brown sugar or molasses and a tablespoon of honey to your oats.  A dash of cinnamon should be mixed in before you add your liquids. Next, mix in raisins or craisins, and then use oat milk as your liquid.  These oats taste like eating oatmeal cookie dough and could brighten any day.

Chia Pudding Oats

Chia seeds have the awesome ability to make anything have the texture of pudding.  You can flavor these however you want, but to make it, add a tablespoon of dry chia seeds to your overnight oats mixture.  Add a tablespoon more liquid of your choice to ensure everything gets fully hydrated.  Overnight the seeds will absorb liquid and, when combined with the oats, create this soft and creamy texture you won’t be able to resist!

Berries and Cream

This is the most classic type of overnight oats, but you can still switch it up to make it exciting!  Berries and cream overnight oats can be best made by substituting Greek yogurt for the milk and adding frozen berries and honey.  If you want to make these even better, you can sprinkle some orange zest on top before eating them!