4 Photos that will inspire you to visit the Roman Baths, Bath, UK

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2000 years ago, the romans came to the cold northern lands of England.

They discovered the natural hot-springs at Bath and thought, “Shit, this’ll keep us warm on those winter nights, lets build a bath-house”. And build they did.

The ancient site, fortunately, was lost beneath the modern city – meaning it was preserved until re-discovery in the 19th century. In fact, the baths at Bath are the best preserved example of Roman baths in the world.

We paid £13.50 per person for regular access to the Roman Baths. You don’t get to bathe their unfortunately. If you want to bathe in the healing springs, you have to pay a fortune to visit the luxury spa 🙁


The Roman Baths UK

The Roman Baths UK

The main bathhouse used to have a massive roof, but is now open to the world with Bath Cathedral behind

The Roman Baths UK

When the Victorians excavated the Roman Baths in the 19th century, they built a set of Roman statues to look over the Baths


The Roman Baths UK

Bath Cathedral. Just outside the entrance to the Baths


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