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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making A Move Down South (USA)

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For people who have spent most of their lives in the northern part of the US, moving to the southern part is going to be a culture shock. The region is more than just NASCAR and BBQ. With mild temperatures, endless scenic getaways, spacious homes, and inexpensive living, the south has its own way of life. Meaning, for those who weren’t born here, it can take some getting used to.

If you are considering your move to any of the southern states, here are a few questions worth asking yourself before making the final decision, particularly if you have never lived in this region of the country.

Can You Accept Erratic Weather?

Most states in the south boast some of the sunniest days in the country. However, in some parts of the south, you can enjoy sweltering heat, bitter cold, and heavy rainfall on the same day. Additionally, tornadoes here are no joke, they ravage communities and kill a lot of people every year. So, if you are serious about making a move down south, avoid states that experience the most erratic weather, like Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia.

In the other states, days can be hot and sticky. Fortunately, you can stay cool on some of the country’s best coastlines. Nevertheless, ensure you keep a pair of sunglasses at hand to enjoy the sun and good weather when it occurs. To add a personal touch to your look for the popular southern weather, consider ordering personalized sunglasses and other accessories.

Are You Religious?

If you aren’t religious, you might have a hard time fitting in the southern part of the country. Mississippi, Alabama, and other states in the south are among the most highly religious states in the US. By moving here, you are becoming part of a Bible belt. You will often find yourself stuck with people talking about God in their conversations, praying before every meal, and going to church almost every Sunday.

Mountains or Beaches?

Do you prefer mountains or beaches? Now, the southern states are where people from the rest of the country vacation. So, whether you prefer coastlines, mountain ranges, lakes, or cityscapes, the south has it all. 

However, if you love beaches but don’t prefer mountains much, consider Florida to enjoy year-round coastal living. On the other hand, move to Tennessee, and you can spend the entire year surrounded by smokey mountain views. Other areas like Dallas have an urban charm to them but are still situated close to numerous national forests, trails, state parks, and more.

Big Bugs?

If bugs and pests scare you, you might want to reconsider your choice of moving down south. Otherwise, be prepared to deal with gigantic bugs. Bugs and pests are an undeniable drawback of southern living. 

Residents often have to deal with tons of roaches that have learned to grow wings and fly. Additionally, snakes, gators, and spiders are all relatively bigger and scarier than they are in the North. Scorpions also exist in some parts of the southern US.


Lastly, ask yourself if you are self-sufficient or are willing to be more so through their lifestyle. By choosing to move to the south, you might have to grow your own food, make your own goods like furniture, clothing, etc., and, more importantly, socialize with fellow southerners.

Life moves at a pretty slower pace in the south. People walk slowly, talk slowly, and even work slowly. Though it feels good sometimes, other times, it can be frustrating. Furthermore, people are always ready for conversations. After you move to the south, you can forget going in and out of a grocery store. Everyone from the floor workers to the cashiers will talk to you until no end.

Enjoy Southern Living

If you still choose to move down south, chances are you will love the way of living in the southern part of the country. The states here have a charm of their own. Though it will take some time to get used to all the differences, you will have a great time once you do. 

The weather is warmer for more months, and the states here are highly accessible, meaning endless opportunities for getaways. Additionally, the friendly people here will make you feel at home in no time. So, if you aren’t bothered about some of the drawbacks of living in the southern US, don’t wait too long and consider making the move sooner rather than later.