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Romantic Getaways Sunshine Coast Hinterland (For Foodies!)

Romantic Getaways Sunshine Coast: We headed to the Sunshine Coast hinterland for a romantic food & wine extravaganza of epically romantic proportions. Be warned! In this article there will be private cottages with spa bath lake views, and there will be a lot of cheese and wine.

Because, seriously, cheese and wine for sunset on your very private balcony is totally romantic!

Romantic Getaways Sunshine Coast: The Perfect Spa Balcony

Regular readers of this blog will know we don’t do “hotel reviews”. Not in the typical sense. Of course we stay in hotels, and we often mention some of our favourites when we write about a destination. But for the Sunshine Coast hinterland, we had one goal – romantic getaways.

And let’s face it, you can’t do romantic so well staying in a budget B&B. So, we knew from the start that one of the biggest features of this trip would be finding the perfect little hideaway to enjoy some RnR. Away from the world, and the internet, but incredibly close to good wine and cheese.

This is why we chose Lilly Pillys Cottages And Day Spa . It’s a 3 minute drive from some of the best cheese in Queensland – at Maleny Cheese factory. And a few minutes in the other direction to Montville for wineries and cellar doors. More on those later – as well as some other Sunshine Coast romantic getaways activities.

Let’s talk about the cottage. I feel like the photos may enlighten you.

  1. The balcony. The view is stunning. And you get to enjoy this for breakfast, lunch and sunset!
Romantic getaways sunshine coast hinterland - lilly Pillys

Sunsets make for perfect Sunshine Coast Romantic Getaways

Cheese sunset-3

2. The Spa Bath. One that romantic getaways are made of. And yes, it is not wrong to take an afternoon or sunset bath just to sit taking in the view. In fact, i highly recommend it!

Romantic getaways sunshine coast hinterland - Bathtub lilly pillys

Not a bad spot for a bath with bubbles and jets!

3. The hammock. Remember that view I keep talking about? You can set up yourself for a very chilled afternoon of hammock time enjoying the breeze. It’s a solo hammock, but remember, this is a romantic getaway – so don’t argue, share :-)

Romantic getaways sunshine coast hinterland - lilly pillys hammock

Megsy wasn’t so good at sharing…

4. The Room. It took me to number 4 to get to the room. But don’t let that fool you into thinking the room is not also delightful. There is a log fireplace. So if you do visit in the middle of winter, your Sunshine Coast Romantic getaway can include a very sensual ambiance of flickering fire.

Romantic getaways sunshine coast hinterland - Fire place room lilly pillys

5. In room dining. Who wants to cook when you have romancing to do? Instead enjoy a complete pre-ordered menu from Lillypilly’s Austrian chef, Josef.

Romantic getaways sunshine coast hinterland - Bath robes

Dining in Bath robes – another Sunshine Coast Romantic Getaways essential!

6. Take out dining. Of course, with all the cheese and wine you’ll collect around the sunshine coast hinterland, you may want to create your own sunset platter. Best enjoyed with a fine sunset!

Romantic getaways sunshine coast hinterland - Cheese sunset

We collected a lot of tasty artisan stuff – all a short drive from the room

7. Privacy & Exclusivity. Of course, one the keys to any romantic getaway is being able to really relax safe in the knowledge that you have a view, but no-one has a view of you. The balconies are arranged in such away you simply can’t be spied on. Plus, the small guest house only has 3 cottages. So if you time it right, you probably won’t see anyone except for the owners bringing you your breakfast or in-room dining.

8. Couples Massage – on offer on site.

Suffice to say, we did not spend much time away from the room. We stayed in the Lakeview Cottage . The Lakeview Deluxe cottage also has the same view.

But, If you can pull yourself away from the room, here are our top suggestions for some other Sunshine Coast Romantic Getaways options and activities to keep you busy in-between spa bathing.

Sunshine Coast Romantic Getaways: Food

Maleny Cheese

Romantic getaways sunshine coast hinterland - Maleny Cheese

So much cheese at Maleny! I’m in love!

I mentioned this Maleny Cheese earlier. They really make some fantastic cheddars and feta. The Tuscan cheddar is mixed with various Italian herbs. It melts on the tongue with a powerful mature flavour and an intensely herby finish. You can do taste tests of all the cheese at Maleny Cheese so you can find the perfect one for you.

Kenilworth Cheese

kenilworth cheese

Kenilworth Country Foods is 35 minutes drive from Lilly Pilly’s so may be a little far away from the balcony and bathtub. But, the drive is very scenic (in fact driving around most of the lanes of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is very scenic). So if you can tear yourself away that long, they do have a quite different selection of cheeses from those at Maleny.

IGA Maleny

Australian’s will know the IGA supermarket chain. It’s all over the country. But the IGA in Maleny is probably the best on in the whole country. With the Sunshine Coast Hinterland being such a foodie destination, they have gone all out to sell everything they possibly can to accompany your perfect cheese and wine dinner.

Probably the largest selection of artisan chutneys, oils, breads, dukkahs, meats and more. Seriously, half the store is full of things to make your cheese platter better. Plus, they sell cheese, so if you are too busy to drive to Kenilworth, you can get their cheese here.

This is probably the first and only time on this blog I’m recommending a supermarket chain to get your artisan goods.

Mason Wines

This granite belt winery has a cellar door in Montville. Their range is relatively small, but we found a great cab sav that partnered perfectly with our cheese feast. Wine tastings are complimentary, as is common in Australia. Mason Wines Website.

Flame hill Vineyard

If you want to grab a bottle direct from the source, Flame Hill vineyard is also very close to Montville.

Edge Cafe

Romantic getaways sunshine coast hinterland - Edge Cafe

Sit and take in the view at the Edge Cafe, Montville

In case you want a change from your fantastic lake view at Lilly Pillys, you can drop in for a slice of mud cake at the Edge Cafe in Montville where the view leads all the way from the hinterland to the pacific ocean.

Romantic getaways sunshine coast hinterland - Edge cafe view montville

The view runs all the way to the ocean across the Sunshine Coast hinterland

Sunshine Coast Romantic Getaways: Romantic Fun Activities

We love to eat – It’s a big part of romantic getaways for us! But, when your belly is full and you get that feeling that perhaps you should leave the room for just a little bit, what is their to do on the Sunshine Coast hinterland?

Here are a few of our favourite Sunshine Coast Romantic Getaways Activities:

Glass House Mountains

Romantic getaways sunshine coast hinterland - Glass House Mountains

Glass House Mountains

Our top choice would be a romantic, scenic drive around the picturesque glasshouse mountains. These strange little mountains pop out of the ground like camels humps. Strange but fascinating.

You could even pack your cheese and take it for a picnic (I just can’t keep food out of this article apparently)

The picnic area near Lookout cafe will offer some great views after an easy walk.

Pottery class

Re-enact that famous scene from Ghost on your own Romantic Getaway by taking a pottery class. Hopefully the other students won’t mind :-)

The Big Pineapple

Romantic getaways sunshine coast hinterland - Big Pineapple

That’s one ridiculously big pineapple!

What could be more romantic than a giant fake pineapple? That’s right, your private sunset balcony…

But if your relationship has a sense of humour, like ours, you may want to get a selfie at Australia’s biggest pineapple so you can pretend to your mum that your romantic getaway is much more innocent than it actually is.

More on The Sunshine Coast

It’s not just about Sunshine Coast hinterland romantic getaways. The beaches of the Sunshine Coast have a lot to offer too.

We share some of our favourite beach and dining spot along the Sunshine Coast [COMING SOON]

Alternative Accommodation

Lilly Pilly’s only has 3 cottages. So, if they are full, choose from some other romantic properties or your Romantic Getaways Sunshine Coast Hinterland experience:

Romantic Getaways Sunshine Coast Hinterland (For Foodies!)

Amytis Gardens Retreat & Day Spa


Romantic Getaways Sunshine Coast Hinterland (For Foodies!)

Blue Summit Cottages


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