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Saving to Travel 101: How to Save FAST and Travel Longer

I get it. I don’t like handing my email over to people on the internet either. So why should you subscribe to our free course?



Thanks for your interest but the free course has been removed and will soon be replaced with a fancy new, paid version.

Until then, find 90 FREE money saving tips here.


Why sign up

The primary aims of the saving 101 course are:

  1. You will learn every trick, tip and method a pub singer and a travel agent used to save over $37,000 in 9 months (More than 50% of our income) whilst maintaing a great quality of life.

  2. How you can travel long-term to amazing places for $50 a day or less (Our budget is $40 per day).

We’ve broken these two elements into 18 step-by-step pieces that you will easily be able to apply to your own lives to get to the goal of long term travel.

Each email you receive clearly states the purpose of each lesson, so if it doesn’t sound like a lesson you need you can delete it and wait for the next one.


I hate spam

Everyone hates spam! If you subscribe to Five Dollar Traveller you will ONLY receive:

  1. 18 emails over the next 3 months for the Saving 101 course. Then they will stop.

  2. 1 monthly Newsletter with updates about the most exciting new features on our site

  3. An occasional extra update if something really important happens

Also, our mailing list is managed by Aweber – one of the most trusted email list management websites on the internet.

Read the Aweber Privacy policy to know how safe you email address is with us.

You can easily Unsubscribe at ANY time for links in EVERY email we send out.


Why should I trust you?

The best news is we are just 2 people. This is not some multi-national “front” with people in a call centre pretending to be us, but with suspiciously Indian accents…

Want to know more about us? You can read our about us page, or even visit our couchsurfing profile – because the stuff we talk about on our website is stuff we are actually doing and then sharing our knowledge so you can do the same.


Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

No. You get the gift of travel, which is far more valuable than a certificate. Your welcome :-)


Convinced? Sign up time!