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Scandinavian Food: 10 Must-Eat Dishes

A Food Fun Travel Guest Post

If you are going up North on your trip to Europe, you must be excited about the sights waiting for you there. But do not forget about the food! Trying out a new cuisine is essential when you go abroad, and Scandinavia has many delicious meals for you to try! Here are the 10 Scandinavian must-eat dishes!


  • Kroppakakor

You might find them familiar to your usual dumplings, though, instead of meat in a dough, it will be potatoes! Kroppakakor is a traditional Swedish dish made of potatoes, pork with onions, or bacon. They are served with butter and lingonberries. So tasty! 



  • Heart-Shaped Waffles

These waffles are a dessert coming from Norway! Fluffy, soft, and sweet, they are very popular among kids and are usually served with whipped cream, jam, or fresh berries. Norwegians joke that you can only bake them in a heart-shaped pan; otherwise, it does not count! 



  • Meatballs

This does not get more traditional! You have probably heard that the Swedish beast IKEA is the proudest of serving meatballs, and that is because to Scandinavians, they come as naturally as bread. You can get them at any restaurant in Denmark, Sweden, or Norway, and trying it is necessary! 

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  • Smørrebrød

This is a traditional Danish meal, often served as breakfast. Bacon, deep-fried onions, and some sort of prepared meat go on top of rye bread, accompanied by a side salad. The ingredients may vary, but overall it makes for a healthy breakfast! 


  • Raggmunk

Perfect for mixing different flavors, raggmunk is a traditional Swedish meal, an ideal combination of salty, sweet, and sour. Sweetish potato pancakes are served with lingonberries and slices of pork. This is a ubiquitous meal in all Scandinavia, but also popular in the Baltics as well! 


  • Pickled Herring

While having many interesting things in their cuisine, Scandinavians, of course, are proud of their fish! Yet another trendy dish you should try is pickled herring. The jar is filled with spicy oil that helps the herring stay soft and tasty, at times accompanied by onion and other spices. It is served with warm potatoes, bread, and brown cheese, a sweet butter very popular in Norway! 


  • Kalops

This one comes from Sweden! Soft and juicy beef is cooked after marinating for a while, then prepared with beetroots, raw or cooked vegetables, and a pinch of rosemary. Scandinavians love this dish, and they say that this is their take on boeuf bourguignon! You can find this dish in small, local restaurants, as well as big, fancy places! 


  • Kaldolmar

This is a delicious dish you can expect every single Scandinavian to know how to cook! Popularized as a family meal, kaldolmar is minced meat and rice rolled up in cabbage leaves, then served with potatoes. Notice a pattern here? Scandinavians sure do love their potatoes! Kaldolmar is a juicy and tasty dish that will leave you full and happy! 


  • Souvas

Souvas is a traditional meal from the Nordic states. And this one is a true delicacy! By the looks of it, you would not think there is anything particularly crazy about it, but it is actually reindeer meat, and how often do you try that? The way souvas is prepared is by dry-salting reindeer meat and smoking it over an open fire for about 8 hours. This might seem like a snack at first, but it makes for a great meal when served with mushrooms and lingonberries.


  • Artsoppa

Finally, a soup! Artsoppa is a smooth and creamy pea soup with marjoram and salted pork. It is served with mustard and Punsch on the side. The saltiness of the soup mixes perfectly with the bitterness of mustard and the sweet aftertaste of Punsch. By tradition, artsoppa is usually served on Thursdays, though usually as a starter! So do not forget to visit a local cafe on a Thursday! 


There you go! With this list, you can confidently go on a holiday in Scandinavia, and there will not be a bland meal on your menu. Remember to be polite to the chefs while trying out new things, and other than that, just be brave and curious!