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Support Food Fun Travel Through The Corona Crisis

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The world is suffering, and the travel industry is one of the most suddenly and hard hit of every profession.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who just lost most of their monthly income in the space of a few days. If you work in the travel industry, or entertainment, restaurants and many other industries, you may have just lost most of your business, or been laid off from a regular job.

And though some industries may start to recover in a few months, providing we can all start going to public places again, the travel industry is quite likely going to be financially uncertain into 2021 and beyond.

If you’ve found our blog/podcast useful in the past, for planning your trips, learning about destinations and food etc. Then we’d really appreciate your support.

The good news is, many of the below options will not cost you an extra cent, but can make a real difference to us. Others are things you would have spent money on anyway, but you can support us at no extra cost just by using our links. And the third category are some fun digital learning options – buy courses and do something positive with your time while stuck at home.

No Extra Cost To You – Do your online shopping through our links

The below links generate us a small commission whenever you buy something after clicking – this does not change or increase the price you pay for your purchases. If you needed to do shopping anyway, just do it after clicking our links below and you’ll be supporting us financially at no extra cost to you. It just means that Amazon/Google etc. gives us a little money, rather than keeping it all for themselves.

SHOP ON AMAZON – after clicking the link you must purchase something without closing the Amazon window that opens. If you close the window, or come back to shop later, the sale will not be attributed to us.

Etsy – Support independent sellers as well as us. Buy interesting gifts, crafts and more.

Google Shopping – Don’t use Amazon? try out Google shopping instead. Shop thousands of different stores, all from one online shopping site.

Shop at Waitrose (UK) – We know online supermarket delivery in the UK has not been functioning great… But, if you are getting delivery groceries, Waitrose seems to have been keeping up with demand just a little better than Tescos and cheaper supermarkets.

Do Something Positive In Self Isolation

Use being stuck at home as an opportunity to learn a new skill or make good use of your spare time – use our links below before making the purchase so we get credited.

Learn A Language – prepare for when you can travel again – Fluent in 3 Months & The Langauge Gym.

Learn More About Fluent In Three Months Language Courses

Masterclass – Learn any number of skills from some of the most successful people in their field:

  • Massimo Batturo, Gordon Ramsay and Wolfgang Puck – All teach cooking! Cook better at home 🙂
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson teaches scientific communication and thinking (Could be pretty useful to understand all the coronavirus news!)
  • Gary Kasparov teaches chess (Beat your friends online at chess!)
  • Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting (Finally get started writing that movie!)

Access all these courses (80+ in total) with an annual membership, and study at your leisure.

Check out all the courses on Masterclass now

Learn Pretty much anything on UDEMY. From fun skills to professional skills – which might be pretty useful if you want to pick up some side gigs during these tough financial times.

Browse UDEMY courses now!

Get creative – learn creative skills like photography, writing, videography and much more.

We’ve taken a few course from Creative Live over the years and really like the platform.

See all the courses on Creative Live Here.

Apptiv: Exercise at home – 100s of workouts from many different trainers, all in audio format direct from an app on your phone. I’ve been a member for over a year and I love this. They have meditations too.

Learn More about Apptiv exercise app

100% Free Ways To Support Us

  1. Simply listen to our podcasts.

If you just found yourself with extra hours at home, like most of us, then do what I do, plugin your earphones and listen to our food history podcast while cooking, doing the dishes or whatever else.

Every episode downloaded helps us grow out advertising potential and earn money from podcasting.

Search your preferred podcast app for “The Dish Food Travel Show”

Or visit here for more info and direct links to popular podcast networks.

Ladies – listen to my all girls podcast “Girls Talk Travel” – Just search your podcast app or click the link

If you are able to support the show financially, you can do so from as little as $1.50 a month here:

Support Our Podcast Financially

We had paused promoting direct patronage until the show got much larger, but we are now promoting again. If you enjoy listening, please support the show.

  2. Tell a friend about our blog and podcast / Share our articles and episodes on social media

The more people that know about us, the better. If you’ve found our content interesting or useful, share share share! We may not be able to travel right now, but we can still dream.

  3. Browse Our Blog – Food Fun Travel

We have hundreds of articles from places we’ve visited all over the world. Simply having a big old read of our articles contributes just a little to our advertising revenue and other stats. If you want to dream of all the travel you’ll be doing once Coronavirus is over, get reading now. Just click through the menu options above.


Thanks again for supporting us. Best wishes to you and your family. #stayhome and this virus will burn itself out.