Kyaukme trekking by Motorbike

Palaung people Homestay – 3 day Kyaukme trekking by motorbike (Non-Touristy)

Megsy Fun

For 3 days the only other tourist we saw was one guy, Eric, who was travelling with us. From massive valleys filled with tea bushes, to villages above the clouds and eating with local Palaung People in their kitchens, our 3 day adventure covered some of the roughest “roads” we’ve ever seen. Along with the most amazing views, this trek is one of our best memories of Burma. Myanmar is …

A Yone oo guesthouse, Kyaukme

A Yone Oo Guest house, Kyaukme Myanmar. (Video, review & Contact)

Tommo Travel Tips

Monopolies in business are never good for the consumer, and with A Yone Oo guesthouse in Kyaukme Myanmar, this is no exception… Being the only guesthouse in Kyaukme that can accept foreigners the rooms really don’t match the price. To be fair, there are a range of options, so they aren’t forcing you to spend $30+ just to have a roof over your head. The problem is that you get …

Crossing Gokteik Viaduct on the crazy train! Myanmar Railways (Video)

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FUN FOR A FIVER.  One of the best things you can do in Myanmar (Burma) is to take a trip on Myanmar Railways! Now this in itself is a crazy experience with old carriages that bump you around so much you find yourself holding your breath just waiting for it to derail…… Which it actually does quite often! Now I know your thinking “Your Nuts! Why the hell would I …

Cherry Guesthouse, Pyin oo Lwin Hotels, Myanmar (Review with Video & Contact)

Tommo Travel Tips

We’ve found that the lesser known guest houses, those not on the internet or in the lonely planet guide, are almost always the best value for money in Burma. After the disappointment of staying one night at Grace 2 hotel we were pleased to move to on of the much better Pyin oo Lwin Hotels for an identical price… At Cherry Guest house we picked up a huge double room …

Why visit The National Kanawgyi Pyin oo Lwin Botanical Garden, Myanmar?

Megsy Fun

FUN FOR A FIVER. Now, everyone has been to a Botanical Garden before but we thought “oh what the hell if it is like every other botanical garden we have ever been to in the past at least we can find a tree to snooze under for a bit!” But the Pyin oo Lwin botanical garden (National Kanawgyi Garden) vastly exceeded our expectations and is actually a lovely little budget treat. The …

Pig Organs hotpot

Eating Pig Organs Hotpot (Pyin oo Lwin, Myanmar) (Video)

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TOMMO EATS SOMETHING TERRIBLE. This strange looking street food option appeared at many day & night markets all over Burma. Especially easy to find in Mandalay and Yangon, we ran into this particular vendor, amongst many others, in Pyin oo Lwin at the central night market (4pm – 8pm). The main part of the meal is a mix plate of pig organs and we’ve seen it served in two different …

Large Golden Pot Guesthouse Front

Large Golden Pot – Cheap Guest house Bagan, Myanmar (Nyaung oo)

Tommo Travel Tips

Our ongoing attempts to find value accommodation in Myanmar found us at the “Large Golden Pot Guest house Bagan”. For $15 a night (Low Season Apr 2013) we scored a King size bed, Air Con, Ensuite (with Western toilet and Shower) and a few other little perks like a drying rack for clothes. Breakfast was not included. Compared to other guesthouses (Listed at the bottom of this article, which we …

Inle lake Guest House: Joy Hotel, Nyaung Shwe myanmar (Video review & contact)

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Nestled close to the banks of the canal in the village of  Nyaung Shwe , The  Joy Hotel is a conveniently located budget Inle Lake Guest House. This hotel offers twin rooms with fan and share bathroom at a price of $18 a night and a double with fan and  private ensuite for $22 a night (prices from April 2013). Both include breakfast of fruit, eggs on toast ( with …

The disappointing truth about Inle Lake (With Video)

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Inle lake is one of Burma’s biggest draw cards, a top tourist attraction. The scenic beauty of the lake itself is undeniably a must-see when visiting Burma, so why did I have such a sour taste in my mouth by the end of my 4 nights at Inle lake? I don’t want to ruin this destination for you, in retrospect it was worth the horrible bus ride to get there, …

Mahabandoola Guest house, Yangon. (Review & Contact details)

Tommo Travel Tips

The Mahabandoola guest house not only benefits from a great, central location – opposite the Sule Pagoda – but also from being super cheap. Finding budget accommodation in Yangon (Burma) for under $5 per person is not easy… Huge demand by increased tourism, combined with inflation in Myanmar has pushed a lot of prices up in the last couple of years. It’s now hard to find competitively priced accommodation like …