8 reasons hiking sucks

8 Reasons Hiking Sucks

Tommo Fun

So, I’m proposing that Hiking sucks. I’m sure the members of the long-socked community will be up in arms about this article… But as they are probably in a field somewhere with no access to the internet, who cares! For the rest of us, comfortably enjoying the wonders of technology, let me expand on why hiking is the target of my rage. Before I get started, I should qualify something. …

27 Funniest Epic Travel Fails

Megsy Fun, Photo Inspiration

Travel isn’t always easy. For these unlucky/stupid travellers it was even more difficult. Want to know how to make your own elephant? Keep reading. Ever wondered how many people will fit in a bus or on a train? We have the answer to that too as we discover the 27 Funniest travel fails! Animals Hanging out with the wildlife is a fun part of travel… sometimes. Can’t afford an elephant? …

weird museums - toilet museum seoul

Why a museum about toilets is so much fun… (With VIDEO)

Tommo Travel Freedom Podcast, Video Blogs

FUN FOR A FIVER. This is one of the stranger “museums” we’ve ever been too. Never has one place celebrated toilets and defecation to such an extent. Still, if you are looking for some cheap fun just south of Seoul and don’t get embarrassed talking about poo, this will be an entertaining diversion! Not only is the museum shaped like a giant toilet but the grounds surrounding it are filled …

puppy cafe seoul

Pandemonium at Seoul’s Pet Cafes! (With Video)

Megsy Fun, Video Blogs

In a coffee crazed country like South Korea you can expect to see a coffee shop on almost every corner. In Seoul some stores have decided to add a cute and cuddly twist… Those Crazy Cats! There are quite a few pet cafes to choose from in Seoul. We were actually looking around  for a completely different kitty cafe when we stumbled upon the appropriately named “Cat Cafe” (that was …

9 Tips For Surviving Mongolia (Video)

Tommo Fun, Video Blogs

As one of the least densely populated countries in the world, Mongolia can be quite a culture shock for travellers who have been accustomed to things like beds and hot water for most of their lives. Epic wilderness, untamed beauty and challenging travel experiences are par for the course when going trans-Mongolian. Mongolia offers a real sense of freedom from civilisation but navigating the country independently can be both dangerous, …

How NOT to Cross central Mongolia overland – Moron to Olgii.

Tommo Fun

20 hours broken down and stuck in the Gobi Desert was not on our itinerary… and yet our dilapidated mini-van felt that it should be. Actually our van – I named it “Turquoise Disaster” – had quite a few opinions about travel that were contrary to our own. Its propensity to fill the cabin with petrol fumes. Its willingness to open its own windows, allowing sand and dust to engulf …

Do Traditional Chinese Doctors Know What They Are On About?

Megsy Fun, Travel Freedom Podcast

As a Westerner in China you see traditional Chinese medicine stores all over the place. They contain shelves of strange concoctions and herbal medicines that we have never seen or even heard of before and which would certainly be frowned upon by any doctor from back home. But when we were offered the opportunity to visit an actual traditional Chinese doctor we thought we would go along just to see …

Why I hate travelling… And need to invest money in teleportation

Megsy Fun

It’s a funny thing that people say…. “I love to travel!” I’ve even said it myself so many times! When we announced that we were quitting our jobs, selling our furniture and hitting Asia for a couple of years, it was all for the “love” of travel! But three months into our trip I’m going against the norm and declaring I Hate Travelling! Now the sounds of shock can be …

pelican-attack, mykonos

Pelicans attack! When Petros the pelican tried to eat me

Tommo Fun

FUN FOR A FIVER. Petros the Pelican – Mykonos If you happen to be hopping around the greek islands, Mykonos is a great little island to stop at. During the summer season it has quite a burgeoning pub/club scene. Head there off season to enjoy the pleasant autumn weather and avoid the tourists. Surprise attack! Well, at least the first time was, the camera wasn’t ready, but he came in …