How to get from China to Ulaanbaatar (Mongoila) cheaply

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We’ve put together a 4 part series on how to reach Ulaanbaatar from China for under US$60 per person (The international train from Beijing normally costs $250). This is a quick post to summarise the costs and some links to help you read more in-depth about all of the stages we went through to make this happen. Visas Obviously visas are not a part of your transport costs but if …

From Hohhot to Erlian by train. China to Ulaanbaatar part 1!

Tommo Fun

We pushed our way through hundreds of Chinese people clambering to get through the entry gates to the platform and headed towards the train… The ticket for a 9.5 hour journey to the Mongolian border had been surprisingly cheap and we were about to find out why! It cost us only 29 RMB (about $5.50) per person to get two hard seats on train 6856 from Hohhot in Inner Mongolia …


How to get your Mongolian visa in Hohhot (China)

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This is the first part of our guide for budget travellers trying to get from China to mongolia. For most passport holders (USA excluded, lucky bastards!) you will need to get a visa for Mongolia. There are 3 places in mainland China to do this: Beijing, Hohhot and Erlian. In July 2013 we chose Hohhot, a city in the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia, to get our same day visa. …