Crocodile Kiss

Kissing a Live Crocodile: For real! (Thailand)

Tommo Fun

FUN FOR A FIVER. Crocs are not exactly tameable… They just react. When the croc trainers invited members of the audience to “kiss” a crocodile I have to say I was slightly dubious… but what the hell, sounded like a good photo op.   Funnily, no one else in the audience volunteered for this experience, I couldn’t help feeling they were all thinking “Stupid white guy…” They led me into …


Feed crocodiles with a fishing line!

Tommo Fun

FUN FOR A FIVER This is about as close to “it might as well be free” as you can get. Basically a big green pond full of crocs… they give you a fishing rod and a bucket of chicken bones and you swing the food out to the crocs and try and coax them to eat it…… ……”Try” is the appropriate word here, unless you get there first thing in the …