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Tbilisi Travel Guide / Georgia Arrival Guide

Tbilisi Travel Guide / Georgia Arrival Guide

Tbilisi Travel Guide / Georgia Arrival Guide: Welcome to Tbilisi, Capital of the Republic of Georgia, nestled between the Caucasus mountains to the north, the Black Sea to the west, Azerbaijan and the Caspian sea to the east, and Armenia and Turkey to the south.

This Georgia arrival guide will get you up to speed with all the essential information you need to have a straightforward, safe and easy trip. Including:

  • What to know before you travel – Visas, weather, language etc.
  • Where in Georgia & Tbilisi to visit / stay.
  • Airport Arrival Guides (Tbilisi & Kutaisi)
  • Essentials: Money, Communications, Apps, Transport, food&drink, health&safety etc.
  • Long Term Stay Advice: For potential expats/digital nomads. Finding an apartment, visas, coworking, jobs and more.

Whether you fly into Tbilisi or Kutaisi, the below information is invaluable for a smooth trip.

If you are coming on a long term trip (more than 6 months) then you need to consider your tax liabilities before you arrive.

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Tbilisi Old Town At Night

About Georgia – Brief Intro

Georgia has a population of about 4 million. About 1 million of which live in the Tbilisi Metropolitan area. It’s a country of diverse landscapes, ancient culture and the oldest history of winemaking in the world (6,000 BC).

If you like food, wine, scenery and incredible hospitality, you are going to love Georgia (aka. Sakartvelo, the traditional name for Georgia)

The main language of Georgia is Georgian. A unique language with no root relation to any other alphabet or language in the world. English is spoken in most restaurants, shops and bars in downtown Tbilisi. Beyond there, English is common though not universal. 

If you speak Russian and English, then you’ll be able to communicate in one of the two almost everywhere.

The local currency is The Georgian Lari (GEL) and has fluctuated between 3 / 2.5 lari to 1 USD over the last few years.

Cost of living is very low. About 1/4 that of the UK/USA.

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Before You Arrive

At The Airport

Tbilisi: After Arrival

For Long Term Stays (Expats/Digital Nomads etc.)

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