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Raise a Glass to Tbilisi: The Top 15 Wine Bars for Wine Tasting in 2023

Raise a Glass to Tbilisi: The Top 15 Wine Bars for Wine Tasting in 2023

Wine tasting in Tbilisi is one of the main experiences tourists wish to have when visiting Georgia. As news spreads that Georgia is the birthplace of wine, many people want to visit a wine bar in Tbilisi to know what to expect before they book a full day wine tour. But which ones are the best, and how do you find them? In this article, we reveal to you, after many many trials 😉 our favourite wine bars in Tbilisi where you can go and experience the best Tbilisi wine tastings.

We are also hosting Georgian wine tasting events (in English) in Tbilisi. See our list of events here.

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Tbilisi Wine Tasting – 15 Best Wine Bars in Tbilisi

Wine Merchants

Located only 4 minutes walk from Fabrika, Wine Merchants has the charm of a London pub from the outside and once you step inside you will continue to be charmed by this quaint space. This gastro wine bar and wine shop offers a stellar selection of Georgian wines, all selected by George, their resident enologist (wine-making specialist).

Wine Merchants have been open for a little over a year, but they are certainly leading the way in terms of atmosphere, wine selection, and food. OMG, try the mascarpone cheese with truffle and honey – it’ll make you go weak in the knees, it’s so good! Also, highly recommend the beef sandwich. They bake their bread in-house and it’s divine.


Wine Boutique

Wine Boutique - Wine Tasting Tbilisi

Wine Boutique – Wine Tasting Tbilisi

Another quaint little wine shop, but this time in Vera and an easy walk from Stamba hotel. The owners are some of the friendliest guys in town and will make you feel right at home as soon as you walk in the door. They opened their doors in 2018 so these guys have had quite a while to make some friends in the wine-making world and ensure their shelves are stocked with some not only tasty but unique Georgian natural wines. 

Wine Boutique doesn’t have a food menu but light snacks are available

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Reserve Wine

This wine bar in Tbilisi stands alone in its use of nitrogen-sealed bottle dispensing, allowing visitors to indulge in over 30 wines by the glass, all thanks to the convenient card system in place. Rather than being limited to a pre-set wine-tasting menu, guests are free to explore and indulge their palates according to their own preferences. Meet their resident experts to get a better idea of the sort of wine you would personally prefer prior to tasting.


DADI Wine Bar

Nestled only a very short walk from Freedom Square lies this charming boutique wine bar and shop that boasts a tasty a la carte menu and many wine-tasting options, perfectly suited for those who are new to the world of Georgian wine. Always a popular place so make a reservation in advance.


St.Bunny Wine and Kitchen

St Bunny  - Best Wine Bars Tbilisi

St Bunny – Best Wine Bars Tbilisi

Located conveniently near Rooms Hotel/Stamba on Rustaveli Ave, St. Bunny is a wine restaurant that offers an impressive selection of wines at affordable shop prices. Their menu features delicious food options with an entire menu dedicated to rabbit. This is a great place for a Tbilisi wine tasting as they have particular emphasis on artisan wines, including pet-nats (sparkling wines). The sommelier is fluent in English, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a delightful dinner paired with excellent wines. Additionally, St. Bunny also offers beginner wine-tasting classes, and khinkali-making classes as well, making it an excellent spot for wine enthusiasts of all levels.


Wine Not? 

Although it’s a very tiny wine bar, Wine Not offers a nice selection of independent wines. Located across the street from the entertainment area known as Wine Factory, Wine Not? is a nice place to drop into for a wine, either before or after dinner at one of the many restaurants in Wine Factory. Due to its small size, it’s best to check their Facebook page or book a table in advance, as they sometimes run events that book the whole place out.

UPDATE: Wine Not has opened up a 2nd larger bar and restaurant in the lovely Gudiashvili Square in Sololaki. Go and check it out!


Karalashvili Wine Cellar 

Karalashvili Wine Cellar - Tbilisi Wine Tasting

Karalashvili Wine Cellar – Tbilisi Wine Tasting

This quaint cellar bar in the heart of old town can be a bit tricky to find, but once you find it, you’ll love that you came here for a Tbilisi wine tasting. The Karalashvili family have been making wine since 1396 and their Tbilisi wine bar is just like stepping back in time. We even had some of our wedding photos taken here, it’s so cute!


Pet Nat Wine Shop

A store where the name says it all – they specialize in Pet Nat (Georgian natural sparkling wine) Located across the street from Stamba and Rooms hotel, this quaint little wine shop has a great artisan selection. It is mostly a wine shop, so there isn’t a lot of seating, but there is some space if you wish to buy a bottle and have a drink in-store. 

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for possible upcoming Tbilisi wine-tasting events.


8000 Vintages 

8000 Vintages - wine in Tbilisi

8000 Vintages – wine in Tbilisi

8000 Vintages is a wine bar and store that offers a curated selection of the country’s best wines, along with cheese and charcuterie platters. Since we first visited 8000 Vintages in Saburtalo in 2016 they have steadily grown to be probably the most well known wine bars in Georgia with 4 branches in Tbilisi and 1 in Batumi and just recently opened a store in Berlin Germany as well!  

Their platters have also expanded and offer more than just bread, meat, and cheese. You can get a variety of options that can suit your wine of choice. Just ask the in-house sommelier for advice to help you make the perfect food and wine pairing selection.

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G. Vino Wine Bar

These guys have been established as one of the leading wine bars in Tbilisi for many many years and they now have moved to their brand new location in Axis Towers Vake. Very fancy digs! We are yet to visit them in their new location, but it looks great, and they stock an incredible selection of natural wines.



Wine Exchange Tbilisi Wines

Wine Exchange Tbilisi Wines

Located in Saburtalo, Wine Exchange has a very extensive selection of wines to choose from, including both Georgian and International wines. They also have a blind wine-tasting session every Saturday afternoon where you can go and learn about interesting local wines – often with a visit from one of the winemakers themselves.


Bonus mentions and places we look forward to checking out:

Red & Wine – Cute little cellar near Radisson. They cook typical Georgian dishes right in the fireplace. Friendly owner who speaks English but quite a small selection of wine. 

Mosmieri Tapas – focused on their own wines, haven’t been yet but their wine chateau in Kakheti I’ve been to many times. Good wines and food there. Right in downtown.

Vino Ground – small wine cellar bar who will ply you with wine, right on Erekle 2 st. in the center.

Wine Effect in Vake – Haven’t been yet. Looks cool. Look it up! Little courtyard and indoor area.

So there you have it. Our TOP 15 wine bars in Tbilisi that you can add to your Tbilisi wine-tasting itinerary.

FYI We also have started hosting specialized wine-tasting events at Wine Exchange in Tbilisi. Follow our tour company Eat This! Tours on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to stay updated on upcoming events and tours that we are hosting.

Or, check our events page here.

Hope to see you there!