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Eating JellyFish! Qingdao, China

Can you eat jellyfishFood: Jellyfish (cooked)
Location: Qingdao (Tsingtao), China.

Can You Eat Jellyfish?

Jellyfish, normally associated with horrible pain followed by someone urinating on you leg… is this really a food? Yes, so please don’t piss down my throat, I’m fine! More surprising, its really very tasty! Maybe its all down to the chef, but I loved it and look forward to eating it again. 

Can you eat jellyfish


Probably the most pleasant TEST I have been involved in. It tastes like slightly fishy cows liver. So if you like liver and onions you’ll be pretty happy with this. I look forward to eating it again next time I head to China.

“Terrible Taste” Rating: 1/10
“Shock Value” Rating: 8/10
“Icky” Rating: 7/10

TEST score: 6/10

Some of these foods might not agree with your stomach – so please be careful and always have travel insurance in case you get sick. We recommend World Nomads as they’ve always had our back.