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Edible Insects! Eating Crickets, Grasshoppers, Silk Worms and many more! (With Video)

Food: Insects (Grasshoppers, Large Crickets, Silk Worms, Cicada)
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand (Saturday Market)
eating insects in Thailand
eating insects in Thailand
The “Mix Bag”

Quite a selection of these not-so-delicious looking edible insects were available! So I decided to opt for a “mix bag” with a few from each variety for only a dollar! yum :-s

I Guess insects are part of the holy grail of weird food that most westerners won’t even think of eating, but when in Asia… How could I pass up the opportunity!?


eating insects in Thailand
Big Cricket… yum!


Fortunately these are deep fried, I’m yet to try live insects, but I guess that’ll happen eventually! The flavour is very salty and in the case of the silk worms it exploded with a little goo in the mouth (Thats what she said..), other than that they were edible, just not exactly appetising.

eating insects in Thailand
Grasshopper for desert?

“Terrible Taste” Rating: 5/10
“Shock Value” Rating: 10/10
“Icky” Rating: 8/10

TEST score: 8/10

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