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Eating Snake! From cage to bowl in Taiwan

Eating Snake! From cage to bowl in Taiwan

Can you eat snake?
Food: Snake Broth
Location: Taipei, Taiwan.

Can you eat snake?

Its almost cliche to say unusual foods taste like chicken… but snake tastes like chicken. But our Snake soup has nice big skeleton sections to suck the tasty chicken like meet from, just so you know it definitely ain’t chicken.And of course, like you’d expect in Taiwan, they like it fresh, and the customers like to know its fresh, so there were cages full of snakes stacked up at the door. This gives a slight adrenaline boost to the culinary experience, especially when the waiter asks me not to take photos because the flash sends the snakes crazy…


Overall I would happily recommend eating snake, once you get over the psychological issues you can just close your eyes and think about things that cluck.

“Terrible Taste” Rating: 1/10
“Shock Value” Rating: 8/10
“Icky” Rating: 6/10

TEST score: 5/10

Some of these foods might not agree with your stomach – so please be careful and always have travel insurance in case you get sick. We recommend World Nomads as they’ve always had our back.