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4 of the Best Places to Drink Beer in America

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America is a nation of beer drinkers, and few countries can match the zest Americans have for beer. There are thousands of breweries in America, most of which were started simply for the love of beer. 

With the growth of the craft beer movement in the United States, you can find great beer everywhere in the country. However, some places are better to drink beer than others for various factors such as skill, ambiance, and history. 

The following are some of the best places to drink beer in America: 

The Crawford Hotel, Denver

Of all the booze experiences you can have on the planet, The Crawford Hotel in Denver has to be one of the best. The hotel is inside a 19th-century train station with great arched windows offering a spectacular view of Denver while drinking your beer. The Terminal Bar inside the hotel is the best place to drink beer in the city. 

The bar has over 30 taps, so there are barely any lines, and you can drink beer to your fill. The hotel has a beer spa which is quite an experience that includes a full-spectrum infrared sauna and beer bath hydrotherapy. 

There is also a beer therapy room where you can have a great drinking session. The Crawford Hotel in Denver is a must-visit for any beer lover in America.

MobCraft Beer Brewery in Milwaukee, WI

Beer is an incredible beverage that often leads to inspired ideas like the MobCraft Beer Brewery in Milwaukee. They have a monthly vote on their website for beer ideas. The brewery makes the most popular idea by votes, and beer lovers can visit their taproom to enjoy the brew. 

It has led to the creation of flavorful, signature beers that you will not find anywhere else. MobCraft brewery also has flagship beers which are part of their Wild And Sour program. 

Their taproom has ping pong, foosball, and other games you can enjoy while drinking your beer. There is also live music at the venue.

Dusek’s Board and Beer, Chicago

A list of the best places to enjoy beer would be incomplete without Chicago. Maybe it is the cold, but Chicago residents love their beer. Dusek’s Board and Beer is located in a narrow 1890s tin-ceiling building. 

It is next to a great restaurant and one of the city’s best music venues. Drinking at Dusek’s Board and Beer, Chicago is like drinking at a concert where you have many outstanding beer options.

How About Throwing Your Own Keg Party?

There is no place like home, especially when enjoying a beer. If you are one of those people who would rather drink at home instead of going out, why not throw a keg party? 

No party in the United States is complete without a keg, so you should get one or several. Unfortunately, most people only know how to calibrate beer by cans or bottles. You can use beer keg conversion sizes to figure out how many kegs you will need for your party. 

Enjoying great beer from the comfort of your home is one of life’s pleasures, and with a few friends besides you, get the party started.

There are many excellent places to have a beer in America. The above list barely scratches the surface of the best venues. A keg party is a fantastic idea which you should try sooner rather than later.