Crossing Gokteik Viaduct on the crazy train! Myanmar Railways (Video)

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FUN FOR A FIVER.  One of the best things you can do in Myanmar (Burma) is to take a trip on Myanmar Railways! Now this in itself is a crazy experience with old carriages that bump you around so much you find yourself holding your breath just waiting for it to derail…… Which it actually does quite often!

Now I know your thinking “Your Nuts! Why the hell would I ever get on a train where the possibility of derailment and having to spend the night (or 2) sleeping on the train till it gets put back on the tracks is almost guaranteed?” Well umm for shits and giggles I guess, and of course the opportunity to travel over the Gokteik Viaduct with a drop of around 300 meters straight down!

We joined the train in Pyin oo Lwin however it is a train that originates in Mandalay so you can join it from there but be warned it will be a bumpy 8-ish hour trip (that’s if everything runs to plan, which it almost never does when it comes to the Burmese rail system).

However It’s is an absolute must do in Myanmar! Picking up the train from Pyin oo Lwin to Kyaukme (pronounced Chow Mey) it cost $5 for Upper Class, $4 for First Class and $2 for Ordinary Class. Please note below the pictured difference between Upper Class and Ordinary before choosing your ticket!

Crossing the Gokteik Viaduct on Myanmar Railways:

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"Relaxing" in upper class enroute to the Gokteik Viaduct... sort of, you can never really relax on a train this bumpy

“Relaxing” in upper class… sort of, you can never really relax on a train this bumpy!

Wooden seats to be shared with fruit and veg in Ordinary Class.

Wooden seats to be shared with fruit and veg in Ordinary Class.

And now what you’ve all come to see…….The Gokteik Viaduct!!!

The Gokteik Viaduct station has no platform!

The Gokteik viaduct was built by the British and was rebuilt after being bombed during WWII more recently it was renovated in the nineties, but that’s it! Since then there has been no further intense maintenance to the viaduct and lts lucky that the scenery is so breathtaking it helps to take your mind off this little fact…… don’t worry the train moves very very slowly to minimise any bumps along the way!

The picture really speaks for itself!

Gokeik Viaduct, Myanmar Railways

Our only advice is “Don’t Look Down!”. No actually, look down it will take your breath away in one if those I can’t believe I’m actually here doing this moments, and that’s what travel is all about right?

After the train ride across the Gokteik Viaduct: Don’t miss the best attraction in the region 

Kyaukme trekking by Motorbike