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The Tarsiers of Bohol, Cute Little Bastards! (Philippines)

The Tarsiers of Bohol, Cute Little Bastards! (Philippines)

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If you are heading anywhere near Bohol in the Philippines, then the Tarsier Foundation Centre is a must see! You can’t help but love these cute, tiny creatures.

For only 50 pesos ($1.20) you have an almost guaranteed chance of seeing these little critters. During our visit we saw 4, of which 2 were willing to pose for us 🙂



Cute they may be, although they are harmless to humans, they can actually be quite violent and territorial towards one another. Infanticide is even common, with males killing children that are not their own offspring.


At full size they are only 100mm in height!


They have the largest eye-to-body-size of any mammal!


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