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Time-tested Cooking Tips to Use on Your Next Road Trip

Time-tested Cooking Tips to Use on Your Next Road Trip

Staying healthy on the road is vital to all travellers, whether newbies or veteran outbackers. Nutrition should play a huge role while you’re not in the comfort of home or near vital necessities. If you travel often, you’ll understand the importance of a good diet to make the most out of any travel.

In any case, making meals in a van can become a bit of creative mess or an exploratory wonder since we deal with a very small kitchen situation. Here are a couple of time-tested tips for creating and eating awesome meals on the road.

Prefer cast iron.

This is a fine decision especially if you travel a lot in a van. While cast iron cookware does take a bit more effort to maintain, they’re worth every bit of extra energy you use. They naturally add iron to your meals, plus whatever surface you’re using to cook, they will still taste like they were cooked directly over the fire.


One pot meal wonders.

Both stir-fries and one-pot meals are awesome options when it comes to road life. These are our typical meals because we can do whatever we want with them. It could even be something as basic as rice and beans, or as elaborate as chow fan meals with all the shebang. With the space being so limited, one-pot meals make for a fantastic quick clean-up, instead of a making your entire van a mess.

Quick breakfast options.

Often while on the road, you’ll find yourself just reaching for a bowl of something for breakfast – in our case it’s essentially yoghurt, granola, and whatever fruit or small pack food lying around the van. Honey drizzle, Greek yoghurt, pomegranate seeds, chia seeds, flaxseed, and hemp seed can be mixed together to create a nutrition-packed and delicious breakfast.

Go with shelf-stable goods. If you spend your campervan travelling from place to place instead of staying at an RV park, then everything in the fridge will be spoiled in a matter of days. Thus, stay away from raw meat and most high-risk perishables. Go with eggs, yoghurt, cheese, and preserved goods. Pick the most naturally preserved ones on the shelf though. You may also bring a large cooler that you can replenish with ice if you’re keen on bringing perishable food.

Bring comfort foods. You can’t go wrong with bringing comfort food with you on your campervan travel. A common favourite is mac-n-cheese. You don’t have to be guilty about bringing some of your “unhealthy” options like chips and canned goodies just as long as you eat moderately and with balance it with other food. You can even get cheap delicious meals in food courts, supermarkets and local budget cuisine that you might pass by along the road.

Campervan road trips are a fantastic way to experience Australia whether on a grand adventure or on a shoestring budget! You have your mobile bedroom, your vehicle, and heck, your very own kitchen in one place, which means savings on your travel budget plus creative cooking.

Most campervans for rent come with facilities to cook full meals inside, including gas stoves, pots, pans, fridges, and even microwaves! Click here to visit DriveNow and book a campervan for your next adventure. Time to enjoy the great outdoors!

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