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Tips For Getting To & Traveling Around Paris France

A Food Fun Travel Guest Post

If you are a fashionista, food maniac, culture lover or adrenaline junkie, Paris has everything to pacify your desire. Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the capital of France.

If you are visiting it for the first time, or it is your tenth visit, Paris always has something new to excite and relish you. But amidst this exciting and happy moments, there is always something to consider which can make your trip even more exciting and memorable. From finding the best flights and discovering never seen before attractions to eating croissants at the best restaurant, here are some tips to make your visit to the magical city of Paris worth remembering:

Plan Ahead:

First-time travelers often face difficulty to get the most out of their Paris trip due to the whirlpool of so many destinations, understanding a foreign language, and the difference in culture. So, it is always better to plan in advance instead of getting overwhelmed once you land there. Research about the city, its culture, and language to improve your French skills. Design an itinerary, schedule out your timing, find out your lodging options and note down everything in a notebook to save you time once you kick start your trip. But don’t forget to leave some room to handle the unexpected twists to bring some adventurous pleasure to your trip.

Find Affordable Flights:

Traveling is an expensive deal, and you need a lot of money for it. And a major chunk of your traveling budget goes on the flight ticket. Similarly, getting to Paris can also cost you a huge sum, but little do people know that you can cut a huge amount on ticket cost. Luckily, there are ways to find affordable flights to Paris to save you money, which can be used for spending on more fun stuff on the trip.

Searching your flights in ‘Incognito’ mode, comparing prices on multiple sites and going for a budget-airline are few of the methods to save some big bucks on a flight ticket. Also, consider buying your tickets on the cheapest days to fly. Typically, mid-week flights on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday tend to offer the best prices.  If your schedule is flexible, aim for these days for potential savings

Consider Traveling Around Options:

Okay! Paris Metro station is one of the largest metro stations in the world, and many people travel through it on a daily basis. But wading through so many people on a large metro station along with your luggage can be a real struggle, especially if it is your first trip abroad. And if you are also jetlagged, then it is better to look for some other traveling options like taking a shuttle, hiring a private cab, or even renting an RV for a comfortable ride.

But FYI Public transportation in Paris is cheap compared to other travel options, and you can use it for exploring around Paris during your stay.

Make Restaurant Reservations in Advance:

There is so much to eat in Paris. You don’t have to only stick to croissants and macaroons….  (but hey no judgment here) There are steak and frites, gelato options, and fresh baguette bread to eat all night. But it is better to make restaurant reservations to try all these Paris delicacies at the end of an exhausting day without facing the frustration of hearing ‘no tables available’ (or pas de tables disponibles in French).

You can make a reservation by email, Facebook, or ask your hotel to book in advance. It can save you from the trouble of finding a restaurant or waiting for ages to satisfy your taste buds and tummy!