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Why a museum about toilets is so much fun… (With VIDEO)

Why a museum about toilets is so much fun… (With VIDEO)

FUN FOR A FIVER. This is one of the stranger “museums” we’ve ever been too. Never has one place celebrated toilets and defecation to such an extent. Still, if you are looking for some cheap fun just south of Seoul and don’t get embarrassed talking about poo, this will be an entertaining diversion!

toilet museum1

Not only is the museum shaped like a giant toilet but the grounds surrounding it are filled with toilet related statutes and murals. Some are more risque than others, if you are easily offended by the smelliest of bodily processes, now might be the time to read a different article…


toilet museum2

toilet museum3


You can even get interactive at the park!

toilet museum4

Golden steamer!

This was on the side of the kids' toilet...

This was on the side of the kids’ toilet…

Toilet Pictograms

Some culturally amusing replacements symbols for public toilets… Indonesian women have boobs the size of their heads apparently…

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The Details/Costs

The Toilet museum or “Haewoojae” is located just north of Suwon. You can get there by taking the metro to Sungkyunkwan station (line one, heading south from Seoul) and then taking a local bus. Full directions and a map are on the Toilet Museum website just click the “English” button in the top right.

Entrance is free! The only costs are for transportation – about $2 each way, depending on what part of Seoul you are coming from.

1 hour to look round the museum is ample time.

toilet museum5


“Mr Toilet”, ex-mayor of Suwon and figurehead for the global toilet culture movement. He fought tirelessly to bring about improvements in public toilets around the world. The museum is now a memorial to his efforts.