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Top 10 Instagramable Restaurants In London

Top 10 Instagramable Restaurants In London

A Food Fun Travel Guest Post

Are you an Instagram enthusiast looking for the perfect restaurants to take photos in when visiting London? If yes, your search ends here. Read on to discover London’s top list of instagrammable restaurants.

          1. Chiltern Firehouse

This restaurant is located in Marylebone, right at the heart of the great city of London. The building that hosts this restaurant was previously a restaurant, making it even more photo-worthy. What’s more, most celebrities love to hang around here so you will always have a chance to take a photo with one of them. Its outdoor garden is also a great place to relax and take Instagram videos as you enjoy the restaurant’s legendary pre-dinner cocktail.

       2. Ting at the Shard, London Bridge

Ting at the Shard, London Bridge

The Tower Bridge is vividly visible from the top of this restaurant, among other key landmarks in the city. The best time to take photos in this restaurant is in the evening as London nightlife starts to blossom. While here, remember to enjoy some Asian delicacies- they are the best on this side of the city.

          3. Brasserie of Light

Brasserie of Light

Located in Central London, this restaurant serves the best delicacies below USD $30. But apart from being affordable, it is home to arguably the most beautiful crystal-encrusted Pegasu. You will get a perfect shot any time of the day, although it would be advisable that you visit here early in the morning before the huge customer traffic starts to flock the restaurant.

        4. Duck And Waffle Restaurant

Duck And Waffle Restaurant

Dark and Waffle is among the restaurants with the most beautiful tiled floors in London, if not the entire world. Besides, you will have a chance to capture some of the most iconic buildings in the city from the windows of this awesome restaurant. And because of its jaw-dropping outer design, you will be happy to know that you can take magnificent shots from the outside. The bar is also set up at a corner with very great views.

          5. The Coppa Club

The Coppa Club

The open-air enchantment is the dream photo background for any Instagram enthusiast. The glass igloos, on the other hand, will knock your socks off. And if you are tired, say after a long day of free walking tours, you can always get yourself a room in this restaurant. The atmosphere is stunning, the beds and beddings are cozy and refreshing, and everything about this establishment is top-class.

         6. Sky Garden

Sky Garden

Being in the city’s financial district, this restaurant offers you the chance to Instagram from the most coveted regions in London. Enjoy your dinner or coffee as you take shots of the financial districts; arguably the part of the city with the most magnificent architectural designs. And by the way, the name Sky Garden is derived from the fact that the restaurant has an indoor botanical garden for you to Instagram about.


        7. Canova Hall

Canova Hall

The architectural beauty that this restaurant is will knock your socks off. The food is tasty, alright, but that is beside the point. The catch here is definitely the pizza bar, the taproom, and the bar. The interior designs in these parts of the restaurant are stonking gorgeous.

         8. Annabel’s


This would have ranked higher on our list, only that it is a strict member’s club. But if you are lucky to get a member to take you with him/her, then you will have a mind-blowing story to share with your Instagram followers. The restaurant’s pink bar and Mexican tequila bar, in particular, will amaze you with their beauty. And what’s more, there are 4 floors of raw beauty for you to explore.

       9. Sketch London

Sketch London

The main dining area, also known as the gallery, is strikingly beautiful for your Instagram posts. That is not to say that the other dining rooms are any less attractive; they are as beautiful as they come. You will definitely have a great time enjoying a pre-dinner cocktail in The Glade bar. For the best shots, though, visit this restaurant in the morning hours when it isn’t too crowded.

         10. Fortnum & Mason at the Royal Exchange

Fortnum & Mason at the Royal Exchange

Last but not least, the Fortnum & Mason at the Royal Exchange. This place is the perfect blend of traditional London architecture and modern architectural designs. The food and drinks here are perfect too. If you visit this place at a time when the light from outside isn’t too much, you are guaranteed of getting the shot of your dreams.