Top 10 Travel Podcasts Free on iTunes 2015 for Digital nomads

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Which lifestyle travel podcasts are helping inspire others to travel the world and live a life of travel?

We wanted to find out. We couldn’t find a directory. So we are officially launching this list, which we hope to expand over the coming years. We want this to grow into the goto place for rankings of travel lifestyle podcasts.

So if you need advice on digital nomad lifestyle and location independence, this is the list for you.

Podcasting came to iTunes in June 2005. 10 years later it is finally about to explode. Get in now and start listening to travel podcasts free!

Top 10 Travel Podcasts free - Location Independent digital nomads

Why are some travel podcasts on this list and some not?

There are 2 main criteria for being on this list…

  1. The below podcasts are listed because we searched on iTunes and then reached out to them, or because they contacted us. Some did not reply, we’d love to feature more of those in the next listing, which will hopefully be a top 20. But, If we haven’t heard of you, you won’t be on the list.
  2. This list focuses on podcasts that are interested in location independence and travel. We don’t feature destination specific podcasts. So a Paris podcast or the Disney podcast will not make it on here.

So, if you need a little audio inspiration to get off your butt and see the world or become a digital nomad, subscribe to some of these and stuff those earbuds with the best information available on the web today.


Top 10 Lifestyle Travel Podcasts Free on iTunes

So, here is the list!

1Tropical MBA Dan Andrews Location independent business advice and digital nomad destinations. Since 2009
2Suitcase EntrepreneurNatalie SissonLearn how to build an online business you can run from anywhere in the world. Interviews with the entrepreneurs who earn while travelling the world. (No Stats Provided)
3Travel Like a Boss PodcastJohnny FDDigital Nomad Interviews / Location Independent Business
4Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel PodcastTravis SherryTravel Tips and Tricks for Traveling More and Spending Less, Interviews with Incredible Travelers
5Screw the 9 to 5Jill & Josh StantonWeekly Business, marketing and lifestyle advice for location independent couples
6Daily Travel PodcastNathaniel BoyleInterviews with travellers, travel hackers, digital nomads and pretty much anyone who will inspire you to travel. (No Stats Provided)
7Zero to TravelJason MooreLearn to travel the world on your own terms, for less. (No Stats Provided)
8Power Trip Travel PodcastFred & JeremyNEW for 2015. News, apps and gear for travel and digital nomad lifestyle
9Travel Freedom PodcastTommo & MegsyNEW for 2015. Location independent destination and business building advice. Expert guests and on the road recording. General silliness and explicit rating.
10 NomadtopiaAmy Scott
NEW. Interviews with people all over the world leading location independent lifestyles. (No Stats Provided)


Honourable Mentions

Initially, when we started compiling this list, it was to be a broader travel podcast list. As we delved deeper, we realised that there is such growing number of podcasts specifically about location independence and being or becoming a digital nomad, that we could just focus on this specific niche.

However, before we got to that point, we’d already received some replies from non-digital nomad travel podcasts. So I’d like to thank them for their interest even though they did not get to be listed above. Check their shows out for great destination information and travel tips.

Amateur Traveler – Chris Christensen –  Local interview guests talk about a different destination each week

Tips for Travellers – Gary Bembridge – Gary dishes out top travel tips from his 24 years of travel experience

Backpack or Suitcase – Kate – Interviews with international guests about their country and culture


How to get featured on this list

Fill out this form, if you fit the profile of this list, we’ll get you on. You must have a focus related to location independent lifestyle.

Remember, if you are a location specific podcast that only ever features information about your state or country, you cannot be featured on the Lifestyle Travel Podcast list – but if we get enough interest, we may do a destination based list as well. So feel free to fill out the form and we’ll contact you.


How this list is ranked

This is the first incarnation of the list, as it becomes more popular the rankings will become more accurate and include more podcasts too.

For now, it is based on downloads per episode, when the information was provided to us, and prominence in the iTunes “What’s Hot”.

Yes, we appreciate this is a little haphazard for the first round. Not everyone is willing to part with specific stats to a top 10 list that is brand new. We are working on it!


We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Have we missed anyone off that should be on here? Leave us a comment so we can check them out and get their details.