Top Three US Cities for Coffee Lovers

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Coffee has become more than just a morning ritual. It has developed a culture of its own, one that transcends boundaries and brings people into a single pot.

Wherever you go, you’ll find people who are just as excited for coffee as you are. But there are places that truly stand out as the word’s sought-after destinations for coffee and coffee culture.

Sure enough, the United States has several cities that celebrate coffee as though it were a religion. As lockdown restrictions begin to ease up, you can start thinking about packing your bags to pay a visit to these top cities for your coffee fix.

Portland, OR

First up, we head over to a city many people would describe as the epicentre of American coffee culture. Portland has always been a center for progressivism, where ideas are not boxed in and where it’s okay to have a certain aesthetic affinity. This dedication to artistic and intellectual pursuits has spurred the growth of the city’s coffee culture based on DIY ethic.

With over 30 roasters and small cafes offering something new, Portland continues to maintain a thriving tradition of brewing. For starters, you can try out perennial mainstays such as Albina Press or Heart Roasters where you may chance upon aspiring comedy writers churning out material.

Chicago, IL

A newcomer to American coffee culture, Chicago already has everything in place as the next big hub for roasting: a supportive neighborhood and the courage to go beyond boundaries when it comes right down to developing and promoting a uniquely Chicagoan lifestyle.

Sure enough, the city is well on its way to becoming another sanctuary for American coffee lovers as local coffee shops work together to promote something authentic. Want proof? You can start by looking for Chicago coffee shops like C. C. Ferns and Intelligentsia Coffee that boast of warm interiors and great tasting coffee.

Seattle, WA

If we are going to make a list of America’s best places for coffee, it would be a grave mistake to leave out the birthplace of Starbucks itself. Seattle is known for a lot of things, like grunge music, scenic mountainscapes, and being a top destination for foodies. But coffee has to be on top of the list.

Going beyond Starbucks, Seattle really does mean business when it comes to roasting and brewing. Some say it’s because of the cold weather that defines the Pacific Northwest, while others say it’s because of the city’s espresso-fueled liberalism that has shaped the local coffee culture. But for whatever reason, the city has done a lot to maintain its reputation as the country’s de facto coffee capital. It certainly doesn’t fail to impress, with the likes of Elm Coffee Roasters, Vif, and Analog Coffee bringing the signature Seattle style into the canon of coffee culture.

Coffee unifies as much as it energizes. You can never experience what it truly means to be in the world until you take your first sip of local coffee. And while traveling does give you a reason to be satisfied, the taste of a freshly brewed cup of joe should give you a reason to keep going.