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Tulum and Cancun For Foodies – Best Restaurants Tulum & Cancun

Tulum and Cancun are two of the best tourist destinations in Mexico. These two spots offer great white beaches, access to Mayan ruins and cenotes, and delicious food! But which is better destination between Tulum and Cancun for food lovers? Consider this article a foodie’s restaurant guide in Tulum and Cancun.

Tulum Food: Best Restaurants in Tulum Mexico

Tulum has an impressive food scene with plenty of restaurants waiting to be discovered. Here are some of the best restaurants for delicious, mouth-watering food in Tulum:

Hartwood Tulum

Hartwood is considered one of the best restaurants, especially if you want a fine outdoor dining experience. People love this place for its beautiful ambiance, boho style, and delicious wood-fired dishes. The shortcoming about Hartwood is that the lines are usually long, and there are no reservations, so it’s best to come early to grab a spot.



For delicious traditional meals with bold flavors served in a serene setting, we recommend Acra. This restaurant is headed by former Noma chef Jose Luis Hinostroza who utilizes local ingredients to prepare great Mexi-Cal meals. Some favorites here include the Fred Flintstone-sized bone, grilled octopus in recaydo negro marinade, and soft shell crab in amaranth tempura. 

Casa Jaguar

Casa Jaguar is spread over a beautiful garden with palm trees and gorgeous flowers that add to your dining experience. This restaurant gives off a rustic and modern vibe at the same time with candle lights, outdoor views, and sleek decor. One of the best things about this Tulum restaurant is its diverse and creative menu: you will find options of cocktails, seafood, meat, and vegetarian meals.


Cenzontle might be small, but it’s perfect for an intimate dining experience with someone special. The ambiance here is excellent, with garden views, candle-lit setting, and soft music. You will also find really delicious food options, including the Yucatan-influenced pasta dish and fresh ceviche. Cenzontle accepts reservations, so you don’t need to spend all day in the waiting line.

Matcha Mama

Matcha Mama is perfect if you are looking for a quick bite, a healthy menu, or need to cool off the heat in Tulum. You will find smoothies, juices, bowls, and other options for healthy meals. 


Cancun Food: Best Restaurants in Cancun Mexico

Tulum Cancun - best restaurants in Tulum Mexico

Tulum Cancun – best restaurants in Cancun Mexico


From tacos to steak, seafood, and cocktails, you will find great restaurants serving all types of cuisines in Cancun. Here are some of the best restaurants to try out while you are in town: 

Puerto Madero

This luxury restaurant is one of the best, especially if you are looking for an upscale and world-class dining experience. Puerto Madero serves fresh seafood, grilled meat, lobsters, pasta, and many vegetarian options. We recommend you dress to impress while coming here.


Tora combines fine dining with elements of Japanese cuisine, and the result is a delicious tasting menu featuring specials like Ora King Salmon, Japanese Whiskey, U2 tiger shrimp, and other delicacies. The atmosphere is also very pretty with the decks, white plush sofas, twinkling lighting, and plant views.

Ilio Greek Estiatorio Cancun

If you would like to try out Greek food while in Cancun, we recommend Ilio Greek Estiatorio for delicious meals with stunning sea views. They have a lot of 5-star reviews thanks to their delicious Greek meals, excellent customer service, and one-of-a-kind ambiance.


Thai is close to a lagoon, making it an excellent location for intimate or romantic dinners. You can enjoy different choices of meals, including soups and salads, noodles, chicken, and seafood while taking in the gorgeous views of the lagoon.


Elefanta is close to Thai and offers a lot of spicy meals and Indian cuisines in stunning surroundings that will have you sitting long after your meals. This is a perfect restaurant if you enjoy spicy food, and we recommend you get there before Sunset.

Nizuc Hotel & Spa

This hotel features an option of great restaurants, including NI, which serves Peruvian cuisine; La Punta Grill and Lounge, which serves grilled meany and seafood; and Indochine, offering a wide option of Asian meals. All three restaurants are managed by great chefs and boast a luxurious and beautiful atmosphere. 


Transportation from Cancun to Tulum

Cancun and Tulum are both on the mainland, so you can experience the best Mexican meals by splitting your time between both destinations. Some of the popular options to travel from Cancun to Tulum are:

    • Private transfer from Cancun to Tulum
    • Taking a Public bus or taxi from Cancun to Tulum
    • Renting a car to drive from Cancun airport to Tulum
    • Collectivo (shared minibus-style buses) from Cancun to Tulum

Bottom Line

Cancun and Tulum often come up as top choices for those planning a trip to Mexico. Both destinations are incredible, although Tulum gives off a bohemian vibe while Cancun is more contemporary. And when it comes to food, you will find the best meals in Mexico in both places! Whether Tulum or Cancun depends on personal preference, and as for us, we recommend visiting both places.