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Where Do I Travel Next?

A Food Fun Travel Guest Post


With so many fantastic destinations around the world, it’s hard to decide where to travel. If you’re asking yourself where you should go next, while it’s a highly-personal decision, we’ve got some great options for you, near and far.

Copenhagen, Denmark

An increasing number of travelers are heading to the Danish capital. This compact city is easy to explore on foot or bicycle, and it’s filled with picturesque parks that are ideal for people watching for joining in a game of football with the locals. People are especially friendly here, perhaps because they’re living in what’s consistently rated among the happiest countries in the world. Check out the Danish Crown Jewels in Rosenborg Castle and enjoy New Nordic fare in one of the many outstanding restaurants.

Queenstown, New Zealand

This beautiful country offers a wide range of experiences for travelers, including big thrills as one of the top spots for extreme adventures like bungee jumping, sky diving and jet boating. It also offers countless scenic hiking and biking trails, caving, rafting, glacier walks, whale watching and more. Queenstown is the adventure capital, with its dazzling lakes, fjords, beaches and forest-covered mountain ranges. From here, you can also take a flightseeing tour to Milford Sound, followed by a cruise that features not only jaw-dropping scenery but opportunities to spot wildlife like fur seals, dolphins and possibly the rare Fiordland crested penguin.

Nashville, Tennessee

If you haven’t been to Nashville, it’s a whole lot more than a hot spot for country music. You’ll find great tunes in every genre, with acts big and small at famous venues as well as more intimate lesser-known establishments on stages across the city. Dine on southern comfort foods like hot chicken and BBQ, and explore a wealth of museums, art galleries and historical sites.


Odds are, you probably know at least one person who’s visited Iceland – it’s one of the hottest travel destinations on the planet, thanks to being showcased in multiple films like “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and hit TV series like “Vikings” and “Game of Thrones.” The country is an outdoor enthusiasts’ paradise with natural hot springs to soak in, geysers and waterfalls to witness, endless opportunities for hiking and so much more.


With an excellent exchange rate and lots of inexpensive accommodation options, Argentina is a great destination for budget-minded travelers, offering an ideal blend of stunning natural beauty and cosmopolitan cities. In Buenos Aires, stroll through pedestrian areas lined with wine bars, charming cafes and steakhouses, with impromptu tango dances often seen on the sidewalks. Visit wine country in Mendoza, sample mouthwatering chocolate in Bariloche, and take part in a wide range of outdoor activities among some of the world’s most awe-inspiring scenery in Patagonia.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Another great destination that might be closer to home, Santa Fe is becoming increasingly popular with its wealth of fabulous restaurants and spas, along with a growing adventure travel scene. Hit the trails in the Santa Fe National Forest and take a stroll on routes once used by ancestral Pueblo people. You can also explore the historic districts, catch musicians that perform on open lawns, and purchase a variety of Native American crafts and jewelry.