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Which Cruise Line has the Best Food – Top 4 Cruises For Foodies

Everyone travels for different reasons. Some people live to explore the great outdoors and see the Earth’s natural wonders. Others spend hours shuffling through the world’s most prestigious museums, poring over art and artifacts. Then, there are those who live for a good time, traveling city to city to experience global celebrations unlike those they might see at home.

And then, there’s you: the foodie.

Which Cruise Line has the Best Food?

Which Cruise Line has the Best Food?

Just as incredible as nature, art and celebrations is international cuisine. There’s something special about experiencing a one-of-a-kind meal in the place in which it’s a custom. Trying as much food as you can is a great way to experience and immerse yourself in the culture, too.

So, as you prepare for your next vacation, you want to find a destination that matches your palate. Cruises are a great option: not only will you find great food on board, but the docking cities will have their own culinary treasures, too.

Now that you’re appetized and ready to book, here are four of the top cruises for foodies.

Which Cruise Line has the Best Food?

Which Cruise Line has the Best Food?

Which Cruise Line has the Best Food?

Seabourn Cruises

If you’re willing to splurge on your cruise vacation, then you might want to consider booking with Seabourn. The brand is known to place its passengers right into the lap of luxury. This luxury, of course, extends to the menus they serve onboard guests.

The company has even partnered with Thomas Keller, who has founded such beloved eateries as New York’s Per Se and Napa’s French Laundry. Cruise liners will be outfitted with restaurants as fancy and memorable as the latter by the end of 2018. Keller also created a new restaurant called The Grill for Seabourn, sure to be as noteworthy as his other establishments.

Seabourn Cruises take passengers all around the world, to ports where you’re sure to eat well too. Everywhere from Rio de Janeiro, to Dubai, to Amsterdam will delight foodies ready to sample unforgettable food on and off the ship.


Windstar Cruises

Which Cruise Line has the Best Food? – Image Courtesy of Wind Star Cruise Lines

Windstar Cruises are known for their small ships which take passengers to cities and towns off the beaten path. They’ve recently enhanced their incredible cruise ship experience by partnering with the James Beard Foundation. The foundation nurtures, advocates for, and honors innovative chefs and the cruise ship experience with their guidance is sure to knock your culinary socks off.

On board, you’ll eat James Beard Foundation-endorsed meals. You can also pick up a few skills of your own since the ship’s entertainment will include demonstrations and recipes you can try at home. The destinations won’t disappoint you, either. In fact, the cruise lines chosen ports of call will introduce you to even more delicious culinary secrets in Spain, France and Portugal.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Which Cruise Line has the Best Food?

Which Cruise Line has the Best Food? Royal Caribbean

The Royal Caribbean cruise line is perhaps more well known than the above two, which might make it seem more like a buffet-style cruise and less like a foodie-ready cruise. However, their ship, Quantum of the Seas, came out with a culinary bang: celebrity chef Jamie Oliver contributed an Italian eatery onboard, as did Miami’s Michael Schwartz, who created a cruise ship-ready gastro pub. There’s also healthy fare as whipped up by the chef for NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

If you can’t get tickets for the Quantum, Royal Caribbean has added a similarly tasty lineup to its Anthem of the Seas ship, which sails around Asia.

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Paul Gaugin Cruises

Which Cruise Line has the Best Food?

Which Cruise Line has the Best Food? – Image courtesy of Paul Gauguin

Again, this cruise line takes its passengers on a ride in the lap of luxury, and its destinations are a very specific list: Tahiti, French Polynesia, and the South Pacific. As you travel to your picturesque island destinations — the clear blue water and jutting mountains would be enough to delight you, foodie or not — you’ll be dining in style, too.

Fodor’s highlighted La Veranda, one of the ships’ incredible dining selections. Chef Jean-Pierre Vigato wrote the eatery’s menu, a break from his normal role at the helm of Parisian restaurant Apicius, which holds two Michelin stars. Needless to say, this restaurant doesn’t disappoint: locally sourced ingredients and expert technique make every dish a knockout.

Which Cruise Line has the Best Food?

Which Cruise Line has the Best Food? Signature cuisine from Parisian celebrity chef Jean-Pierre Vigato, owner of Apicius

Some cruise lines simply have it all: good food onboard and off. The above are just a few examples of the countless options when it comes to cruising. Start here or do research of your own to find the perfect destination — and the perfect vessel to get you there. Then, start planning exactly what it is you’ll eat on your getaway: that is, after all, why you’re traveling in the first place.

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