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Why do expats prefer to buy apartments in Umm Suqeim (Dubai)?

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Frequent visitors of Dubai may have thought about the paradox – the densely populated area has no difficulties with housing. The real estate market flourishes, offering attractive housing units in any location. City apartments, studios, penthouses, villas by the sea or private houses surrounded by a private garden, laconic interiors, lush interior decoration with gilding – immigrants can make any dream come true here. Apartments for sale in Umm Suqeim are at the top of destinations for expats with sound budgets and those who have limits in funds.   

About real estate purchase

The process of selecting real estate is much facilitated and fastened if you have no limits in budget. Of course, we do not speak about unbelievable sums but it would be easy if some variations could be done. It is explained by the idea that if you are not strapped for cash, you can easily find a suitable housing option that would meet the needs of you and your family. In order not to make a rash purchase, you need to carefully check everything, and the lease is usually signed for a year, and the desire to terminate it early will lead to financial losses. 

Characteristics worth attention when choosing accommodation 

  • Type of accommodation.

The neighborhood offers apartments of high standards. If you are a 100% urban dweller and don’t want to mess around with front gardens or your own garden, then this option is for you. The average apartment can be rented or purchased more cheaply than a villa.

  • The presence of the infrastructure you need in the immediate vicinity.

Umm Suqeim is a district with advanced infrastructure suitable for comfortable life. Educational establishments, clinics and pharmacies, sport centers, entertainment opportunities are present on the territory of the neighborhood. 

  • The price you are willing to pay for the apartment.

The major aggregator of real estate Emirates.Estate introduces a wide selection of affordable apartments to any taste and budget. Irrespective of the available funds, the potential buyer can find the suitable housing option. 

  • That’s how far the housing is from your place of work. 

Living in the neighborhood under development, the residents of Umm Suqeim use their own cars or cabs to get wherever they want. There are great job opportunities in the district. On the other hand, if you work as a freelancer, the location does not play a crucial role in your life. 

  • The prestige and safety of the neighborhood. 

There are no very dangerous districts, such as American black neighborhoods in Dubai. The police here are paid for a reason, maintaining order at the highest level, so you should not be afraid of the districts remote from the center. It is absolutely safe to walk along the streets of Umm Suqeim alone at night. 

A few words about Umm Suqeim 

The neighborhood of Umm Suqeim offers housing units of primary and secondary real estate. You can even find old villas that look like fairy palaces from Arab fairy tales. The apartments are available for sale as well. In Umm Suqeim are luxury hotels, because of the proximity to the sea, and hence the abundance of excellent beaches. The area has everything for a comfortable life: restaurants, cafes, shopping and entertainment centers, schools, kindergartens, hospitals. Umm Suqeim, of course, is not as green as the Green Community or Emirates Hills, but it is not completely devoid of trees and shrubs. Despite the fact that there is good real estate and the area itself is very good, the cost per square meter will please even the expats with average income. The minus of Umm Suqeim is the traffic jams and the large number of people coming to the beach area, as well as the love of apartment thieves to this particular area.

The emirate of Dubai and its attractiveness for expats 

If we want to find out the answer to the question in title, it is necessary to explore the emirate of Dubai on the whole. This administrative unity has become a second home for thousands of expats from all over the world. So, why do expats choose Dubai? 

Advantages of Dubai emirate 

  • The largest number of free economic zones in the country that can be used for business;
  • an active real estate market, where you can find both cheap economy options and luxury infrastructure facilities;
  • plenty of available jobs, both for highly qualified specialists and laborers;
  • the relative freedom of behavior and dress of foreigners, especially in areas populated primarily by expats (Dubai Marina, Palma Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Residences, etc.);
  • well-developed public transportation: there are buses, cabs, and subways running through the streets of the city;
  • the vibrant life, a wide variety of entertainment venues.

Disadvantages of Dubai emirate 

It should not be forgotten that Dubai, like any other city in the world, in addition to the advantages has a number of disadvantages:

  • unfavorable climate especially in the summer period (Dubai is one of the hottest cities in the world, with a temperature maximum in the summer period exceeding +40°C);
  • due to the large amount of people and traffic Dubai has become a noisy, traffic-affected population center;
  • the incessant construction, daring projects such as artificial islands have damaged the city’s ecosystem.

To avoid such unpleasant issues, it is advisable to buy real estate in new young neighborhoods, like Umm Suqeim. There are no traffic jams as the entire necessary infrastructure is located not far from the residential complexes. Moreover, the neighborhood features more greenery and fresh air. 

The bottom line 

Umm Suqeim in Dubai is an ideal place to escape from everyday hustle and bustle. The lifestyle in the neighborhood quite differs from the vibrant life in the center of the metropolis. Still, it has everything for a comfortable single life as well as life with family. Do not avoid Umm Suqeim in terms of profitable real estate investment. Tenants and buyers of real estate are attracted to Umm Suqeim by the amenities, quality real estate, access to international and regional brands, and many cultural, entertainment and business opportunities.