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Best Areas to Stay in Barcelona For Foodies

The beautiful beaches, fantastic architecture, lively nightlife, and, of course, the gastronomic offerings of Barcelona are enough reasons to visit. Barcelona is part of the Catalonia region, meaning many residents in this city identify as Catalan and not Spanish. One thing about Catalans is their passion for their culture, football team (FC Barcelona), and, of course, their food! If you are a foodie, you are in for a delicious treat with their traditional Catalan cuisine. 

Barcelona’s Catalan cuisine is diverse, and it’s best to have a guide on how to enjoy the best culinary adventure in the city. Just like the city offers different food, each neighbourhood offers its distinct food experience. Barcelona is broken into many neighbourhoods (about 10 of them), with lots of different hotels and serviced apartments in Barcelona available to rent, so choosing where to stay can be an overwhelming task. In this article, we explore the best neighbourhoods to stay in Barcelona as a foodie and what to expect if you’re staying there. 

Barri Gotic

Let’s start with one of the most touristy areas in Barcelona, El Gotic or the Gothic Quarter. There is excellent food to be had all over Barcelona, but none can compare to the experience you’ll get in Barri Gotic. This area is a foodie heaven, with many good options, particularly the tapas bars and the budget-friendly restaurants. Barri Gothic is also full of museums, galleries, boutiques, and bars, making it an excellent introduction to Barcelona. Not to mention, there are a lot of great accommodations in this area too. 

One of the biggest food scenes in Barri Gotic is the La Boqueria Market, a famous food hall where you can explore delicious food samples. You can also check out hidden gem restaurants like Granja Dulcinea for rich Spanish hot chocolate, Cafe de l’Academia for old-school dishes, and La Cucina del Do for unusual but delicious combinations. Other notable restaurants you can explore in Barri Gotic include Can Culleretes (the oldest restaurant in Barcelona), Agut (you need to book ahead to skip queues), and Gilda (they serve Mediterranean-style dishes with Belgian touches). 

If you want to try tapas, you’re in the right place! The Gothic Quarter is where you will find the best tapas bars in Barcelona. One of the most famous traditional tapas bars in this area is La Plata, which has a 6-item tapa list and consistently makes the list of “Best Tapas in Barcelona.” La Plata was founded 70 years ago and also has a wide beverage selection. Other charming tapas bars on the streets of Barri Gotic are Antic Tapas Ferran, Pla B, and La Alcoha Azul. 

Sant Antoni

Sant Antoni is a safe and quiet neighbourhood; a break from the tourist trail in other areas. This area may not be great for museums and fancy tourist attractions, but it’s excellent for food. There are many excellent options, from cheap bars to vermouth bodegas, food markets, and fancy eateries. The lack of tourist crowds and attractions means it feels like a local area, making it a perfect choice for the foodie who wants an old-town feel. 

For exceptional Catalan cuisine in Sant Antoni, try Can Cargolet. For homemade Vermouth and tapas, don’t miss Bar Calders; it’s one of the most popular establishments in Sant Antoni. Getting a seat here may seem impossible because you can’t get a reservation, but you can put your name on the list or head to El Dinamic, opposite Bar Calders. El Dinamic serves tapas and wine over occasional live music in a beautiful spot. 

Cafe Cometa is one of the perfect places to eat anything in Sant Antoni, from nachos to beers and smoothies. If you want delicious donuts, try La Donuteria. If you want coffee and pastries, head to Tarranà and Bar Ramon for Spanish comfort food.  Another site worth mentioning in Sant Antoni is Carrer del Parlament, home to many great restaurants, bodegas, and bars. 

We also recommend going to Fàbrica Moritz for a taste of Barcelona’s famous beer, and for great tapas, visit Bar Calder. Lolita Taperia is renowned for weekend vermouth, and Federal Cafe is great for organic food. Other food establishments appealing to visitors are Els Sortidors del Parlament, Lando, and the Barns Brew for craft beer. 

While here, you should visit Mercat Sant Antoni (Sant Antoni Market, a market dating back to 1882 and a central part of the city’s culture. Sant Antoni Market is predominantly a food market where you can shop for local and fresh produce. This market also sells other goods such as jewellry, clothing, books, and art. Beyond shopping, the surrounding neighbourhood is known for its restaurants, cafes, and bars, where you can enjoy Barcelona to the fullest. 


One of the fantastic things about Gracia is its mix of traditional, Bohemian, and modern vibes. On the one hand, you will experience the traditional Catalan village life. On the other hand, you will find restaurants specializing in international flavors, just like in big cities. 

One of the best ways to explore Gracia is through an organized food tour where you can visit local and organic eateries and explore the international food scene. Gracia has a quaint vibe and feels like a little village (the residents consider themselves separate from Barcelona) but leaves room for modern roots. We particularly love Gracia because of its small-town charm and amazing scene for traditional Catalan dishes. You are a short walk away from the fantastic restaurants and bars in this neighbourhood. One of the restaurants you can visit for classic dishes like snails and pig trotters is Cal Boter. If you’re interested in organic wines, grab a drink at La Festival. Be sure to visit Plaça del Sol, the heart of Gracia, where you can grab a beer while watching people enjoy their daily lives. Another great place to meet people and enjoy delicious food is the Plaça Ruis i Taulet. 

Eco-conscious foodies will love this neighbourhood because Gracia has a fair share of organic and artisanal eateries. Some options are Origo Bakery, which uses organic ancient grains for its bread; Gallo Santo, which serves vegan Mexican food; and By Safe House, with a menu for all kinds of palates, including vegans and those who are lactose intolerant. 

Gracia is also a great place to enjoy international flavours if you’re tired of traditional Catala cuisine (you can’t be tired!). There is La Brillantins for Latin-American foods, Beryti Bistro for Lebanese food, La Coco for Japanese food, and Chido One for Mexican flavours. For drinks, you can enjoy coffee at Syra Coffee, tapas at La Pepita or La Xula Taperia (which opens in the evening), and wine at La Graciosa. One thing is for sure: at Gracia, you will leave with a stomach full of delicious and high-quality food. 

So there you have it – the best areas to enjoy fantastic food in Barcelona. These neighbourhoods have many excellent restaurants that offer not only traditional Catalan cuisine but all foods from different parts of the world. Once you decide on a neighbourhood take your time to explore the food scenes and prepare yourself for an amazing experience. You are definitely in for a treat at Barcelona!