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Where to Eat & What To Eat. Including Foodie Destination Guides, Cooking Classes, Restaurants & Food Tour Reviews And More.

Foodie Destination Guides

What To Eat. Our in-depth guides that will help you discover the must try dishes for your trip. Food, history and lots of pictures.


Where To Eat

From fine dining to street food. Round-ups of best restaurants in specific destinations. Reviews of unique food experiences.


Cooking Classes

Learn the art of creating amazing dishes from your vacations by taking a cooking class.

Recommended: Book Cooking Classes Worldwide


Food Tours

We review amazing food tours from around the world.

Recommended: Intrepid Real Food Adventures. Multi day food tours which take you on a culinary journey to dig deep into a destination.

Alcohol & Beverages

Drinks from around the world. From craft beer to vineyards, to drinking the local moonshine. We explore the world of beverages.

The Dish (Our Food Travel Podcast)

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Episodes Include:

  • Feature Dishes – The Histories Of Famous Dishes
  • What To Eat In… Stories behind multiple dishes to try in a given destination
  • Food Travel Stories – Our unique food experiences from 93+ countries visited.

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