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Tbilisi Wine Tours – Wine Tasting Adventures in Tbilisi

Georgia is known as the cradle of wine and Tbilisi is the perfect place to get your first sip of the incredible drink that has been made in this country for over 8000 years. With so much to explore and so many ways to get completely lost – it’s a great idea to take a Tbilisi city tour with a local who can not only show you the tourist sites but also give you an insight into the best places for wine tasting in Tbilisi. Not all wine is made the same and if you’re a first timer you want to know you’re in good hands.

While many of you have probably tried white and red wines, did you know that Georgia is known for its amber wine, sometimes called orange wine? This is a white wine that has been left in contact with the skins for a longer period of time, giving the final product an orange or amber colour. Honestly, the age-old Georgian wine-making traditions are something worth learning about, and why not sip on a glass of wine (or 3) while you’re taking in 8000 years of winemaking history? 


Planning a trip to Tbilisi? 

Here are our insider tips on tours and places to stay:

Top Tours

  1. Small-Group Khinkali and Khachapuri Cooking Class in Tbilisi
  2. 9 Tastings – The original Tbilisi food & drink walking tour
  3. Join a Local for a Market Tour, Cooking Class and Meal in her Tbilisi Home
  4. Tbilisi Walking Tour Including Wine Tasting Cable Car and Bakery
  5. First impression of Tbilisi-evening walking,wine tasting

Top Hotels

  1. Rooms Hotel Tbilisi – 4 star design style hotel. On Rustaveli Avenue.
  2. Vinotel – 4 Star wine hotel. Across the river, opposite Tbilisi old town.
  3. Communal Sololaki – 4 star boutique hotel. In the Bohemian district near old town.
  4. Shota @ Rustaveli Boutique – 4 Star boutique on Rustaveli Avenue, close to Freedom Square.
  5. Moxy – 3 star design hotel by Marriott. Opposite old town.


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Tbilisi Wine tasting Tour - Georgian amber wine

Tbilisi Wine tasting Tour – Georgian amber wine

Embark on a Tbilisi City Tour + Wine Tasting 

Georgians are very proud of their country, and Georgian history, food, and wine-making traditions are very important in Georgian culture, lucky for you that makes finding a Tbilisi tour that marries historical sightseeing, food, and wine is a breeze in this city. 

Here are some of the top Tbilisi City Tours that will give you an insight to the important sites of Tbilisi, and also offer wine tasting: 

9 Tastings – The original Tbilisi food & drink walking tour

Immerse yourself in the flavours of Georgian cuisine as you explore the heart of Tbilisi for a day. Embark on an exclusive tour through the historic lanes of the Sololaki district, indulging in diverse food and drink tastings. From timeless taverns and traditional street bakeries to contemporary galleries and diners, let Tbilisi tantalize your taste buds. Experience a delightful half-day culinary journey in the Sololaki area, savouring the essence of Georgian dishes and drinks. 

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Tbilisi Walking Tour Including Wine Tasting Cable Car and Bakery

Embark on a captivating journey through Tbilisi, exploring its iconic landmarks and uncovering its lesser-known treasures. Dive deep into the city’s rich history and vibrant culture with your guide as you visit the esteemed Metekhi Church, the towering Mother of Georgia statue, and the imposing Narikala fortress. Traverse Tbilisi on foot at a relaxed pace, absorbing its essence. Choose from a morning or evening city tour to fit your itinerary. 

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Tbilisi Wine tasting Tour

Tbilisi Wine tasting Tour


Tbilisi Walking Tour with Cable Cars, Wine Tasting and Traditional Bakery

Embrace Tbilisi’s charm with a guided walking tour, offering a glimpse into its top highlights in a day. From ancient fortresses to a surprising urban waterfall, uncover Tbilisi’s stories and essence with insights from your local guide. Dive into Tbilisi’s heritage, savour traditional Georgian wines, and enjoy a perfect introductory experience to Tbilisi. 

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Old Tbilisi Tour – Private Walking Tour With Wine-Tasting

Discover Tbilisi’s charm on foot and savour the flavours of Georgian amber wine in this exclusive walking tour. Wander through the picturesque lanes of old Tbilisi alongside an expert guide, delving into the city’s rich past. Elevate your experience with an included cable car ride, offering panoramic views of the city. Along the way, immerse yourself in the world of Georgian winemaking with a wine-tasting session.

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eat this tours - Georgia food and wine toursJoin Our Kakheti Food & Wine Tours!

Join our small group tours for an enriching cultural adventure, where truly authentic food and wine experiences take center stage!

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Wine Boutique - Wine Tasting Tbilisi

Wine Boutique – Wine Tasting Tbilisi

Top Tbilisi Wine Bars for Independent Wine Tasting 

Of course, if a Tbilisi wine tasting tour isn’t your thing, you’re certainly not going to go thirsty! There are some fantastic wine bars in the city that you can visit for an impromptu wine tasting – or check their facebook pages for organised wine tasting events.

  1. 8000 Vintages
  2. Wine Code
  3. G.Vino
  4. St Bunny

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Tips for First-time Wine Tourists in Tbilisi

When to Go:

You can honestly do wine tasting tours in Tbilisi all year round, but Spring is a wonderful time to visit to taste all of the new seasons’ wines that were harvested the year before. Or maybe after a few wine tastings you’ll be ready to harvest some grapes yourself and help the winemakers make the wine – for that you need to be here from Late August to October for the Rtveli Harvest. But you will need to book a tour outside of Tbilisi for this experience. 

Rtveli Harvest Tours Georgia

Rtveli Harvest Tours Georgia


Tbilisi is where the old-world charm of winemaking mingles with the bustle of a modern city. Whether you’re a seasoned sommelier or someone who doesn’t know their Saperavi from their Rkatsiteli, wine tasting in Tbilisi promises a bouquet of experiences, both for your palate and your soul.

So, raise your glass. Here’s to memorizing views, soul-stirring history, and wines that dance on your tongue in the city that loves wine as much as you do!

Cheers, or should we say, “Gaumarjos!” 🍷


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