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Things To Do in Tbilisi Georgia: Attractions & Activities + Tbilisi Map

Things To Do in Tbilisi Georgia & Free Tbilisi Map: Our Tbilisi Georgia Travel Guide includes an extensive list of places to visit in Tbilisi and fun things to do in Tbilisi. Whether you are after food, culture, history or nightlife we cover the best Tbilisi Attractions and activities.

As well as this guide with more than 40 things to do in Tbilisi, our Tbilisi Map (Interactive Google Map Overlay) features a total of 100+ items including everything in this article and our top restaurant choices, Tbilisi cafes, wine bars, accommodation and essential transport locations.

Discover what to do in Tbilisi Georgia with our comprehensive guide. Plus our Top 5 Tbilisi must see list to help you prioritize if you are on a very short trip. So let’s get started!

Planning a trip to Tbilisi Georgia? 

Here are our insider tips on tours, and places to stay:

Top Tours

  1. Eat This! Tours – authentic family winery tours to Kakheti  (TOP PICK)
  2. Small-Group Khinkali and Khachapuri Cooking Class in Tbilisi
  3. 9 Tastings – The original Tbilisi food & drink walking tour
  4. Join a Local for a Market Tour, Cooking Class and Meal in her Tbilisi Home
  5. Tbilisi Walking Tour Including Wine Tasting Cable Car and Bakery

Top Hotels

  1. Rooms Hotel Tbilisi – 4 star design style hotel. On Rustaveli Avenue.
  2. Vinotel – 4 Star wine hotel. Across the river, opposite Tbilisi old town.
  3. Communal Sololaki – 4 star boutique hotel. In the Bohemian district near old town. (TOP PICK)
  4. Shota @ Rustaveli Boutique – 4 Star boutique on Rustaveli Avenue, close to Freedom Square.
  5. Moxy – 3 star design hotel by Marriott. Opposite old town.


Views of the city - narikala fortress
Views of the city – narikala fortress

Love to consume information in podcast form? Then listen to our Tbilisi Attractions episode on the Tbilisi Podcast or continue to the full article below.

Table Of Contents (inc. Tbilisi Georgia Map)

Top 5 Essentials (48 Hours In Tbilisi Georgia)

Tbilisi Map (Interactive Google Map) – 100+ Points of interest – Get Free Access Now

Places to Visit in Tbilisi: Top Tbilisi Attractions

What to do in Tbilisi: Fun Activities

Tbilisi For Foodies

Things to do Outside Central Tbilisi

Accommodation in Tbilisi (Best Hotels – opens in new Tab) Or Browse: | Agoda | Expedia |

Georgian Traditional Food Guide (Opens In New Tab)

Best Restaurants In Tbilisi Georgia (Opens in New Tab)

Tbilisi Georgia Wine Tour & Wine Tasting (Opens In New Tab)

A Brief Intro To Tbilisi Georgia

Tbilisi Georgia
Tbilisi Georgia

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia the country. It has a turbulent history of conquest and trade. Being repeatedly occupied over the years by the Romans, Ottomans, Persians, Russians and more. Tbilisi was an East-meets-West hub for the silk road. Through all this change, and even after 70 years of communism, the spirit of the people of Georgia remains infectiously and proudly Georgian.

Georgia has a unique alphabet, unrelated to its neighbours. Their influence on regional cuisine makes them stand out as a food destination in their own right that has not been subdued by strong influences from Turkey, Iran and Russia. Just south of Tbilisi, the oldest archaeological evidence of winemaking in the world – from about 6000 BC. Wine is still made around Georgia as it was 8000 years ago.

It’s said that those who enter Georgia as a guest, will be treated with more hospitality than anywhere else in the world because it’s a welcome change to have people visit who are not trying to invade them! I can confirm that Georgian hospitality is certainly some of the best I’ve ever experienced.

Top Things To Do in Tbilisi Georgia: 5 Essentials (Tbilisi Must See)

These are our top choices for things to do in Tbilisi Georgia if you only have limited time (24 to 48 hours in Tbilisi). Hopefully, you’ll have more time than that though, so you can enjoy all the other fun attractions and things to do – all of which are listed on our Free Tbilisi Tourist Map. Also if staying longer, make sure to plan some day trips from Tbilisi so you can see the incredible sights of Georgia as well!

Take The Cable Car For Views Of The Old Town: Visit Narikala Fortress & Mother of Georgia

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Tbilisi at night
City Views From Narikala Fortress and Mother of Georgia statue

Our number 1 Tbilisi must see: take the cable car from Rike Park (It only costs a couple of dollars!) and up to the top station near Narikala Fortress for sensational views across Tbilisi. The cable car runs late, so it’s easy to head up there a couple of hours before sunset, visit the fortress and the Mother Georgia statue, then wander down the Betlemi stairs to find yourself right back in the old town and ready to head out to a local bar or Georgian restaurant. The views from Narikala Fortress and Mother Georgia, include the Peace Bridge (middle left), the old town (bottom left), Rike Park and the parliament building (centre) and St Trinity Cathedral (top right). Out of the photo, views all the way up the river valley of the whole city.

Mother of Georgia - Sololaki Hill
Mother of Georgia – Sololaki Hill

Eat Traditional Georgian Food

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Eat Traditional Georgian Food
Eat Traditional Georgian Food

Georgia very quickly landed as one of our top 5 foodie destinations in the world! It’s not hard to fall in love with almost every traditional dish – especially the most famous national dishes Khachapuri (Cheese filled bread – pictured) & Khinkali (giant soup dumplings). Finding fantastic restaurants and trying Georgian food should be right at the top of your what to do in Tbilisi and Georgia list.

Check out our Georgian Cuisine Mega Guide & Podcast (With 60+ dishes to try)

Tbilisi Free Walking Tours

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Take A Tbilisi Walking Tour
Take A Tbilisi Walking Tour

Get oriented in Tbilisi Georgia and learn from their expert travel guides – for free (well, for tips, so for very cheap!). One of the fastest ways to get a taste of Tbilisi, without getting lost, is to take one of the Tbilisi Free Walking tours. Aside from the classic free tour, which will take you to some of the most iconic sites of this capital city, their travel guides also offer backstreet tours that help you discover lesser visited spots. Although we’ll mention a couple of our favorite Tbilisi must see secret spots in this article, to find the rest, you should take some of their tours.

From communist history (Did you know Stalin was born in Georgia?) to street art: see a list of all the Tbilisi Walking Tours. (Free & Premium Tours Available)

Explore The Meidan & Streets/Architecture Of The Old Town

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Explore Tbilisi Old Town
Tbilisi Attractions: Explore Tbilisi Old Town

The Meidan is the bustling central square of Old Tbilisi. Classic Georgian architecture, with colourful wooden balconies, cobbled streets, and a constant throng of people from morning until very late at night. From the Meidan, head up in any direction away from the river to explore the attractive side streets and historic buildings of old town. Easily find your way around the sights of the Meidan and Old Tbilisi with our free interactive Tbilisi map.

Drink Traditional Georgian Wine In An Old Cellar

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Discover The Old Wine Cellars
Places To Visit In Tbilisi: Discover The Old Wine Cellars. Photo Credit:

Georgia is famed for their wine culture – being that archeological evidence shows Georgia as being the birthplace of winemaking, around 6000 BC. Many natural wines are still made using the ancient traditional process. This is not a gimmick that was brought back recently, it’s a long standing tradition of family winemaking across the country, where wine is fermented in buried clay pots, called qvevris. 

Although you can find qvevri wine in restaurants and bars across Tbilisi, our favourite wine experience in the old town is to enjoy wine in one the wine cellars. Our top pick is Karalashvili wine cellar – it’s just on the fringe of the tourist centre so it’s a little less touristified. Most importantly, they take real care and pride in their wine and we love the subterranean atmosphere – and the old piano. So much so, when we got married in Tbilisi, we stopped in to get some wedding photos done there (Since then they’ve now got amazing ratings on Tripadvisor too).

They offer lots of different wines and a wine tasting option.

If you have more time in Tbilisi, take a full wine tasting class at one of our favourite wine bars in Tbilisi

(See more below in the Tbilisi For Foodies section)


Tbilisi Map (Interactive Google Map): 100+ Points of interest – Get Free Access Now

We’ve put together a Tbilisi google map overlay with all our top picks of attractions, restaurants, foodie experiences, accommodation, transport locations and more! Save yourself a bunch of time by having our huge list of Tbilisi highlights instantly at your fingertips. Get Our Tbilisi Map NOW – Click Here.

  • Works on any device over 4G or wifi – follow the Tbilisi map as you travel
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  • 100+ highlighted spots to visit / eat
  • Super easy to use on google maps app or on any browser

Our Top Tbilisi Tourist Attractions

Already covered in our Top 5 above:

  • Take The Cable Car For Views Of The Old Town
  • Explore The Meidan & Streets/Architecture Of The Old Town

Sulfur Baths Tbilisi

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Sulphur Baths Tbilisi
Places To Visit In Tbilisi: Take a soak in the Sulfur Baths (Hot Springs)

The sulfur baths in Tbilisi are considered by most travel guides to be one of the top not to miss Tbilisi tourist attractions.

Tbilisi sits on a natural hot spring which is used to supply 40-50 degrees C water to about 10 bathhouses in the Abanotubani area. Legend says that Tbilisi was founded exactly where it is because the ruler of the region at the time, King Vakhtang Gorgasali, discovered the hot springs while out hunting.

Aside from strolling around the baths to admire their exteriors, you’ll probably want to get in and enjoy the healing waters for yourself. It’s typical for tourists to get a private room which you can share with your own group. This will include your own hot spring bath, and varying levels of sophistication and design depending on the price. A private room tends to cost between 50 and 300 GEL ($19 to $120 USD) per hour. Extra for massage services. Though prices are increasing rapidly as tourism grows in the city.

No.5 sulfur bath
No.5 sulfur bath

Some Sulfur Baths Tbilisi You Can visit:

  • Orbeliani Sulfur Bath – Beautiful Mosaic Exterior. Reasonable prices.
  • Bathhouse No. 5 – Supposedly the oldest traditional bathhouse. Higher prices, busy.
  • Queen’s Sulfur Bath – A more modern facility
  • Gulo’s Baths
  • Royal Bath Tbilisi

Discover The Secret Downtown Waterfall & City Walls

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Behind the Sulphur Baths Tbilisi
Places To Visit In Tbilisi: Explore Behind the Sulphur Baths To Find The Secret Waterfall

Behind the Sulfur Baths in Tbilisi, follow the river upstream and you’ll pass the rear part of the baths and old town. In this photo, you see a mosque and a church in the same vista, as well as the domes of the baths and colored balconies. If you keep following the river towards the cliff face, you will eventually find a waterfall just behind the old town.

Georgian National Museum

The Georgian National Museum in Tbilisi is a treasure trove for anyone keen to delve into Georgia’s rich tapestry of history. It’s like a time capsule, capturing the essence of Georgia’s turbulent and fascinating past. As you wander through its halls, you’ll encounter a diverse array of exhibits that chronicle the nation’s journey through the ages.

One of the museum’s highlights is its extensive collection that shines a spotlight on Georgia’s storied past. From ancient artifacts to more recent historical developments, the museum offers an insightful look into the events that have shaped modern Georgia. It’s an ideal spot for history buffs or anyone curious about the country’s background and the forces that have influenced its culture and traditions.

Another feature is its focus on the archaeological history of winemaking. Georgia is often celebrated as the birthplace of wine, with a winemaking tradition dating back over 8,000 years. The museum showcases this legacy beautifully, featuring ancient wine vessels and other artefacts that tell the story of how wine has been intertwined with Georgian life and culture for millennia.

Beyond these exhibits, the Georgian National Museum also offers temporary exhibitions and events that provide deeper insights into specific aspects of Georgian history, art, and culture. Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Georgia or a seasoned explorer of its culture, a visit to the Georgian National Museum is a must.

Anchiskhati Basilica

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Anchiskhati Basilica - Tbilisi's Oldest Church
Tbilisi tourist attractions: Anchiskhati Basilica – Tbilisi’s Oldest Church

Anchiskhati Basilica, steeped in history, stands as Tbilisi’s oldest church, dating back to the 6th century. King Dachi, who founded Tbilisi as the capital of Iberia, is credited with its construction. This church is a shining example of early Georgian Christian architecture, with its simple yet elegant design.

Over the centuries, it’s seen numerous renovations, particularly in the 17th and 18th centuries, adding layers to its rich history. The name ‘Anchiskhati’ comes from an icon of Christ, originally from Anchi, a medieval town in southern Georgia. This icon, renowned for its artistry, was brought to the church in the 17th century, giving the church its current name.

What makes Anchiskhati truly unique is its adherence to the original style of Georgian Orthodox architecture, despite the renovations. It’s smaller and more humble than many later churches, reflecting the early Christian period’s simplicity. The interior, though modest, is adorned with beautiful frescoes, some of which date back to the 16th and 17th centuries.

What To See In Tbilisi: The Italian Courtyards

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Anchiskhati Basilica - Tbilisi's Oldest Church
Things To See In Tbilisi: The Italian Courtyards

One of the most surprising things about Georgian culture is their openness to interaction with guests. Tbilisi is littered with courtyards which, to foreigners at least, probably seem like private property. Actually, it’s a completely acceptable thing to do in Tbilisi to just walk into these shared courtyards and socialise. On occasions, stumbling in unannounced may lead to being offered free drinks or snacks too! Called “Italian courtyards”, but really more Persian in design. Expect grape vines, laundry, and a real local atmosphere. If you don’t feel comfortable just walking in, it’s best to join one of the free walking tours.

Liberty Square (Freedom Square) & Rustaveli Avenue

Liberty Square - Tbilisi City Centre
Liberty Square – Tbilisi City Centre

Like all many ex-communist city centre’s, a large square with bold architecture has been renamed to reflect newfound independence. Liberty Square has had many names over the years, including being previously called Freedom Square back in 1918 when Georgia had also briefly won their independence. During the communist time, this was Lenin Square, now Freedom Square once again.

Running North-West from Freedom Square is Rustaveli Avenue. An important street for trade and culture. Along Rustaveli you’ll find the Opera House, National Museum and many shops, cafes and restaurants.

The Sioni Cathedral

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Sioni Cathedral
Tbilisi toursit attractions: Sioni Cathedral

Sioni Cathedral, nestled in the heart of Old Tbilisi, is a splendid symbol of Georgia’s rich religious history and architectural evolution. Its origins trace back to the 5th century, but it wasn’t until 639 AD that its construction was completed. This historic timeline alone makes it a fascinating site, reflecting centuries of changes and developments.

Over the years, Sioni Cathedral has witnessed a tumultuous history. It’s been destroyed and rebuilt several times, a testament to the resilience of Georgian faith and culture. Each reconstruction has added a layer to its architectural and historical richness. The current structure predominantly dates from the era of King David the Builder, a revered figure in Georgian history, who reigned in the 11th and 12th centuries. Under his rule, Georgia experienced a golden age, and his contributions to the cathedral are a part of his enduring legacy.

Inside, the cathedral is just as impressive, adorned with frescoes and religious artefacts that span various epochs. One of the key features inside the cathedral is the beautifully decorated altar, and the church also houses the sacred cross of St. Nino, one of Christianity’s most significant figures in Georgian history, believed to have converted Georgia to Christianity in the 4th century.

Find Sioni Cathedral, and every other item listed in this article, on our free interactive map of Tbilisi.

The National Botanical Garden of Georgia (Tbilisi Botanical Garden)

The Tbilisi Botanical Garden is a 161 Hectare parkland which can be accessed from the top of the Cable Car, departing from Rike Park. The gardens were first established in 1625, or perhaps earlier, as a royal garden. Today they can be enjoyed by all.

The botanical collection here is impressive, boasting over 4,500 different plant species. This rich diversity showcases flora from various parts of the world, making it a paradise for botanists and nature enthusiasts alike. The garden is beautifully laid out, with meandering paths leading through different areas, each with its unique character and plant life.

Besides its botanical significance, the garden offers picturesque landscapes, waterfalls, and even a small river running through it, creating serene spots perfect for relaxation or a picnic. It’s a place where you can easily spend hours exploring, relaxing, and immersing yourself in nature.

The Bridge Of Peace

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: The Bridge Of Peace
Places To Visit In Tbilisi: The Bridge Of Peace

The 150 meter long bridge of peace (pedestrians only) connects Old Tbilisi on the west bank, with Rike Park and newer parts of Tbilisi on the east. This modern bridge was completed in 2010 and is lit with LED lights. The structure was considered controversial by many residents of the city for being a grossly modern design pulling attention away from historical buildings nearby. Love it or hate it, it’s become a popular crossing for tourists taking photos, and for locals going about their daily business in Tbilisi’s city centre.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: St. Trinity Cathedral
Places To Visit In Tbilisi: Holy Trinity Cathedral

The Holy Trinity Cathedral, also known as Sameba, is a striking feature of the Tbilisi skyline, thanks in large part to its distinctive golden roof that gleams under the Georgian sun. Despite its ancient-looking façade, it’s actually a relatively new addition to the city, having been completed in 2004.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral was constructed to celebrate a significant milestone: 1,500 years of the Georgian Orthodox Church. This makes it not just a place of worship but also a monument to the enduring faith and cultural identity of the Georgian people. The architecture of St. Trinity Cathedral is a blend of traditional Georgian church design with some modern touches, making it a symbolic bridge between the country’s rich past and its dynamic present.

Moreover, the Holy Trinity Cathedral holds special significance as a symbol of religious freedom and rebirth. Its construction came after the end of the Soviet era, during which religious expression was heavily suppressed. The cathedral, therefore, stands as a powerful testament to Georgia’s return to religious freedom and the revival of its spiritual heritage after decades of communist rule.

The cathedral complex is one of the largest religious buildings in the South Caucasus and offers a serene and spiritual experience to its visitors. Its interior is just as impressive as its exterior, adorned with beautiful frescoes and religious icons. The site also offers panoramic views of Tbilisi, making it a popular spot not only for worship but also for sightseeing.

Tbilisi Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts in Tbilisi is a beacon of artistic expression and cultural heritage, showcasing an extensive collection of Georgian and foreign art. Located in the city’s heart, this museum houses a remarkable array of works, from ancient Georgian goldsmithery to rich medieval Christian art, and onto modern and contemporary pieces. The museum’s highlights include its vast collection of Georgian icons, along with masterpieces from Russian, Western European, and Persian artists. It’s a must-visit for art lovers.

Views From Vera Park

Although we prefer the panoramic views of the city from the top of the Tbilisi cable car, Vera Park, north of Rustaveli Avenue is a less crowded spot offering city views looking south, rather than north. Vera park is also a popular choice for people watching and relaxing.

Street Art in Tbilisi

Street Art in Tbilisi
Street Art in Tbilisi

Like in many other big cities around the world, street art in Tbilisi is not just about aesthetics; it’s a form of expression that captures the spirit, challenges, and creativity of the city’s inhabitants.

A particularly rich area for this urban art form is near Fabrika, a former Soviet sewing factory that’s been transformed into a contemporary urban space. This area has become a hub for artists, with its walls serving as a canvas for a variety of impressive murals. These artworks range from bold and colourful to thought-provoking and socially aware, each telling a story or conveying a message that resonates with locals and visitors alike.

Street art Tbilisi
Street art Tbilisi

Another hotspot for street art is in the new 19th-century area of Tbilisi, located on the east side of the river. Here, the blend of old and new provides a fascinating backdrop for the murals that adorn the sides of buildings. These pieces often offer a contrast to the decaying architecture of the area, creating a visual dialogue between Tbilisi’s past and present.

Join the Tbilisi Street Art Tour to be guided to some of the best pieces.

What to do in Tbilisi: Fun Activities & Tbilisi Nightlife

Already Mentioned in Top 5 Above:

  • Free Walking Tours
  • Drink Traditional Wine In A Cellar

Traditional Dancing & Polyphonic Singing

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Traditional Polyphonic Singing & Dancing
See Traditional Polyphonic Singing & Georgian Dancing

The first time we heard traditional Georgian polyphonic singing we were sitting in a 24/7 beerhouse at 2 am. 3 Guys in the corner spontaneously broke into song. Quite a unique experience, or so we thought. But after spending many months living in Tbilisi, we found that spontaneous harmonising is in the fabric of the culture and it’s typical in the more local restaurants to find groups of Georgians singing at their tables.

Ethnographer - Tbilisi Restaurant
Ethnographer – Tbilisi Restaurant

Of course, if you don’t want to rely on luck, there are some restaurants that have dinner theatre with sword dancing and live Georgian singing. Some to consider:

  • Ethno Tsiskvili – Amazing venue with a purpose built waterfall in the courtyard, wine tasting room and a variety of song and dance entertainment in multiple venues. Dress Code: Shoes and long trousers. Reservations essential. For Polyphonic singing, ask on the phone for times. This is way out of town, but taxis are cheap and it’s totally worth it.
  • In The Shadow Of Metekhi – Central venue with daily traditional music and dancing. On Fridays, they have singing waiters. Contact in advance to check the music program and times.
  • Ethnographer – An increadible place to experience the best in Georgian Singing and Georgian Dancing. The main restaurant has been beautifully decorated and the food and wine are both unique and tasty. This will certainly be a highlight of your trip to Georgia.

Tbilisi Wine Bars – Wine Tasting in Tbilisi

Sommelier Jaba Dzimistarishvili - Archive wine bar and restaurant Tbilisi
Sommelier Jaba Dzimistarishvili – Archive wine bar and restaurant Tbilisi

Visiting Tbilisi wine bars is an absolute must-do for anyone exploring the city, especially considering Georgia’s deep-rooted history as one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world. These cozy, intimate venues offer more than just a taste of locally produced wines; they provide a window into the heart and soul of Georgian culture.

Each wine bar in Tbilisi has its own unique charm, often featuring a range of both traditional and contemporary Georgian wines. From the classic qvevri wines, made in ancient clay vessels buried underground, to modern vintages that experiment with new techniques, the variety is astounding. These wine bars are staffed by knowledgeable and passionate sommeliers who love to share stories about the wines, the winemakers, and the regions they come from. It’s an educational experience as much as it is a delightful one.

The ambiance in Tbilisi’s wine bars tends to be warm and welcoming, with a blend of locals and tourists mingling over glasses of wine. It’s a great way to meet people and get insider tips on what to see and do in the city.

Some wine bars also host wine tasting events or informal talks, which can be a fantastic way to deepen your understanding of Georgian wine. Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or just someone who enjoys a good glass of wine, visiting these wine bars in Tbilisi is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Mtatsminda Park & Funicular Tbilisi

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Funicular Tbilisi
Take The Tbilisi Funicular
Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Mtatsminda Park
Explore Mtatsminda Park At The Top Of Tbilisi Funicular

A short walk west of Freedom Square (it’s up hill fyi) you’ll find the Tbilisi Funicular which takes you up to Mtatsminda Park and the Funicular restaurant. From here you are much higher than at the Rike Park cable car viewpoint, so you can see the whole city spread out around you.

Ferris Wheel Mtatsminda Park
Ferris Wheel Mtatsminda Park

Mtatsminda Park, is a popular amusement park offering panoramic city views, fun rides, and a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for both families and those seeking a scenic escape from the city. You can spot it from below because of the giant tv tower and ferris wheel perched on the highest point of the hill. The tv tower and ferris wheel lit up at night and are a beautiful part of Tbilisi’s nightscape.

Places To Visit In Tbilisi: Fabrika

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Party At Fabrika
Party at Fabrika

Fabrika continues to be one of the hottest night spots in Tbilisi. Built into an old communist textiles factory, Fabrika has multiple bars and restaurants backing onto an inner courtyard, a hostel (With dorms and private rooms) and a co-working space. Expect a lively atmosphere most nights, especially in the summer – you don’t have to be a guest to party there. A night at Fabrika is definitely one of the top things to do for the under 40’s.

Dry Bridge Market

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Dry Bridge Market
Hunt For Russian Memorabilia @ Dry Bridge Market

The old Russian antiques and flea market. During communism, free commerce and capitalism were illegal. When communism collapsed, Georgians looking to make ends meet came to the dry bridge – a busy crossing with lots of passing trade – in order to buy and sell. Soviet memorabilia and pretty much any non-food item that could be sold became a part of the market.

Head down into the park and find Georgia’s art scene with an incredible selection of Georgian artisits and craftsmen showcasing and selling their arts and crafts. It’s a wonderful place to wander around and see the very best of the Georgian local art scene or skip the souvenir shops and pick yourself up a traditional souvenir to take home from here.

Want to find this market and everything else on this list + restaurants, bars and more? Get our free interactive Tbilisi Map (powered by Google maps)

Speaking of souvenir shops…..

Meidan Bazar

Tbilisi Meidan Bazar, nestled in the heart of the old town, is a bustling hub of cultural exchange and a treasure trove for souvenir hunters. This vibrant marketplace is lined with an array of souvenir shops, each brimming with unique Georgian crafts, artworks, and traditional items. From intricately designed jewelry and hand-painted ceramics to fine Georgian wines and handmade textiles, the bazar offers a wide range of keepsakes that reflect the rich heritage of Georgia. It’s a place where visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture, interact with artisans, and find the perfect mementos to remember their Tbilisi experience. Whether you’re looking for a small trinket or a significant piece of Georgian craft, Meidan Bazar’s souvenir shops provide a delightful and authentic shopping experience.

Gudiashvili Square

gudiashvili square
Gudiashvili square

Gudiashvili Square, tucked away in the heart of Tbilisi’s old town, is a hidden gem brimming with historical charm and artistic flair. This quaint and picturesque square is surrounded by beautifully restored 19th-century buildings, each telling its own story through intricate facades and colourful histories. The square, named after the famous Georgian painter Lado Gudiashvili, has become a place to find popular restaurants and cocktail bars. Its charming atmosphere is further enhanced by cozy cafes and small shops, making Gudiashvili Square an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll or a relaxing break.

Davit Agmashenebeli St – Alternative Dining & Entertainment Street

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Dine Al Fresco Davit Agmashenebeli St
Things To Do in Tbilisi: Dine Al Fresco @ Davit Agmashenebeli St

Tbilisi is certainly a top dining and nightlife city. Most tourists quickly find the excellent Erekle II dining street and stumble into the overly touristy Jan Shardeni St (avoid at all costs – unless you love overpaying for average quality food). But a third choice for a vibrant atmosphere in the evening is the south end of Davit Agmashenebeli St.

Drink Traditional Georgian Spirits – Chacha

Drink Georgia's Famous Chacha
Drink Georgia’s Famous Chacha

Chacha is Georgia’s traditional grape based spirit– similar to grappa. Chacha is a protected drink that can only use that name if it is made in Georgia. At many restaurants and bars, you’ll find some pretty rough chacha. At Chacha Time, you’ll find an extensive, sophisticated selection with knowledgeable staff waiting to guide you through the finer side of flavored and aged Chachas from the best producers in Georgia.

Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theatre & Clock Tower

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Puppet Theatre Clock Tower
Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theatre Clock Tower & Shows

The Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theatre, a charming and intimate venue in Tbilisi, has captivated audiences since its opening in 1981. With just 80 seats, it offers an incredibly personal and enchanting theatre experience. This venue is a true gem, reflecting the artistic and cultural vibrancy of Tbilisi.

The theatre’s exterior is just as stunning as its performances, especially the clock tower added in 2010. This whimsical structure has become a draw in its own right, enchanting passersby every hour with a clockwork puppet show. It’s a spectacle that gathers crowds, adding a touch of magic to the streets of Tbilisi.

Inside, the theatre showcases a variety of puppet shows, many of which are the creations of Rezo Gabriadze himself, a renowned Georgian playwright and artist (now deceased). The performances are known for their depth, humour, and creativity, often touching on themes of love, hope, and the complexities of human nature.

Show performances in the theatre are in varying languages, check the Rezo Gabriadze website for more details.

Where To Go In Tbilisi

Places To Visit In Tbilisi: Rike Park (Tbilisoba)
Tbilisoba Tbilisi Festival

Rike Park, nestled along the banks of the picturesque Mtkvari River in Tbilisi, is a beautifully landscaped space is not only home to the base station of the popular cable car ride that offers scenic views of the city, but it also plays host to a variety of engaging activities. One of our favourites is Tbliisoba and incredible festival that happens in the beginning of October that celebrates the diversity and history of Tbilisi.

Parks in Georgia's Capital Tbilisi.
Parks in Georgia’s Capital Tbilisi.

But perhaps one of the parks most charming aspects is its location along the Mtkvari River. This setting offers a serene backdrop, making it an ideal spot for relaxation and leisure. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely stroll along the river, sitting back on one of the benches with a good book, or simply soaking in the peaceful atmosphere, the park provides a pleasant escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

24/7 Food & Wine

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: 24/7 food and wine at Khinkali house
OMG so drunk in this picture LOL – our late night khinkali feast

Tbilisi’s 24/7 food and wine culture is certainly a novelty for many visitors who didn’t grow up in a 24/7 dining culture. If you want a big plate of khinkali and a jug of wine at 4am… you are in the right city. Not every restaurant is 24 hour, of course. We always seemed to end up at Khinkali house on Rustaveli after a night out – there are other branches around Tbilisi though. There is nothing remotely classy about Khinkali house, but at 4am, who cares?

Visit a boutique wine room.

Wine Tower Tbilisi - Tbilisi Wine tasting
Wine Tower Tbilisi – Tbilisi Wine tasting

Wine and Georgia obviously go hand in hand, but if you are looking for a unique selection of non comercial wines without having to travel to the countryside to find them – then a Tbilisi wine room is your best option. These days there are some great places that offer a selection of different varieties of wines from so many emerging winemakers it’s both exciting and daunting as – how can we possibly drink them all??? Well, we’ll certainly do our best to try.

Some of our favourite wine bars include Wine Tower, St Bunny – a wine bar with a somelier on hand to help you make your wine choices. They also specialize in dishes containing rabbit (the cocktails are great too). And also Wine Code where you’ll find both popular and more unique bottles of wine from around the country.

There’s actually many more that are worth a visit so make sure to listen to our Tbilisi Wine Bars Podcast episode to get our full list.

Enjoy Some Tbilisi Craft Beer

Tbilisi Craft Beer
Tbilisi Craft Beer

The craft beer revolution has started to find a footing in Tbilisi – fighting the historic tradition of wine drinking. Though the offerings of quality craft beer are still limited compared to other major tourist destinations the popularity and quality of craft beer in Tbilisi is certainly growing and growing.  We personally pick Megobrebi as our top microbrewery. The Let’s Dance IPA was a winner, their more unique flavours are also worth a try too. I recommend trying Marita’s Siqvaruli which is a pomegrante wit. Close second is Alkhanaidze and absolutely worth trying.

The actual brewery for Megrobrebi is a bit out of town but you can find their beers in bars in downtown Tbilisi bars like Tsota Tsota. If you are looking for Alkhanaidze craft beer in Tbilisi then head to their restaurant in Saburatlao but make a reservation as they are generally booked out!

Things To Do In Tbilisi For Foodies

Already mentioned in our Top 5 Above:

  • Eat Traditional Georgian Food

NOTE: Our Where To Eat In Tbilisi Guide – Traditional restaurants you must try.

Wine Tasting Class – Learn About Georgian Wine Tradition

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Wine Tasting Class at 8000 Vintages Tbilisi
Wine Tasting Class at 8000 Vintages

Instead of just doing some basic wine tasting, you can experience a full guided class and meet some other people while learning about the styles and history of Georgian traditional wine. Our top pick for wine tasting in Tbilisi is at 8000 vintages. Contact them on Facebook in advance for dates and times of classes.

As well as the wine tasting, they are also a wine bar with charcuterie and cheese plates of local products and they are a very well stocked wine shop. The sommelier and staff blind taste every new wine (tough job!) which they intend to stock, to make sure it’s good enough to hit the shelves.

Take A Tbilisi Cooking Class

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Take A Tbilisi Cooking Class
Take A Tbilisi Cooking Class To Make Traditional Georgian Cuisine

Not only should you eat a lot of Georgian food, but you should learn how to cook it! Over our extended time in Georgia, I’ve learned a few classics and re-created them in during our travels (before we settled in Georgia permanently) – Khachapuri, Khinkali, Ostri and a few others. As it’s tricky to find Georgian food outside of the Caucasus region, you are going to miss it once you leave. So you better learn the secrets!

–> Explore a selection of cooking classes in Tbilisi.

Visit The Dezerter Bazaar

Dezerter Bazaar Tbilisi
Dezerter Bazaar Tbilisi

Although Tbilisi’s largest municipal market (about 2,000 square metres) was refurbished in 2012, it still retains the charm and atmosphere of the last 100+ years. Mainly because of Georgia’s fierce commitment to local produce and local vendors. It’s pretty typical for products you buy to have moved down the family chain. Everyone in Tbilisi seems to have relatives who live in the country and local shops and traders almost always bring that family supply direct to their own stores.

The Dezerter Bazaar got its name in the 1920s when Russian soldiers who deserted the fighting in the region were known to sell off their weapons and belongings in the market.

Today, produce is the main thing for sale. And one thing you’ll find is the most famous Georgian dessert…

Eat Traditional Sweets

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Georgian Desserts - Chuchkhela
Eat Churchkhela – Traditional Georgian Dessert

Churchkhela: A smart use of the byproducts of winemaking. Grape must is boiled and then thickened with flour. The thick mixture formed is used to encase nuts (often walnuts) into these long sausage like sweets. They are often referred to by locals as “Georgian Snickers”. Unlike snickers, they are naturally sweet and sugar is not added. A much healthier alternative!

Try An Extensive Range Of Georgian Cheese

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Cheese House Tbilisi
Try Georgian Cheese @ Cheese House, Vake

At the Dezerter Bazaar you can find an impressive selection of local georgian cheese to sample and buy. Don’t know much about Georgian cheese? Here’s an overview:

In the world of Georgian cheese, Sulguni is King. This semi-hard cheese, sort of like a firmer version of mozzarella, is a staple in Georgian cuisine, featured on virtually every restaurant menu. But the country’s cheese repertoire is rich and diverse, offering a range of flavours and textures. Imeretian cheese, for instance, is another cheese you will find, known for its slightly sour taste and crumbly texture, often used in Georgia’s now world famous khachapuri. Another popular variety is Guda, a sharp, aged cheese traditionally made in the mountainous regions, this cheese is SALTY but I love it and it adds a distinctive character to Georgian cheeseboards. Then there’s also Tenili, a unique, stringy cheese often shaped into balls, and known for its soft texture and tangy flavor. So much cheese to try and so little time to try it all…..

See Traditional Georgian Shoti Bread (Puri) Made

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: See Georgian Shoti Bread Being Made
See Georgian Shoti Bread Being Made @ Bread House

Salty perfect bread! I have to say that Georgian Shoti bread is up there in my top 2 favorite breads along with proper artisanal baguettes in France (not the factory stuff they sell in supermarkets). And the reason, I believe, is both these types of bread are a little salt heavy and feature a rustic crispy outside with a soft inside.

Shoti bread is closer to naan bread in shape, and is cooked in a similar way – stuck to the side of a round stone oven. But it tastes nothing like naan. You Have to try it! Most little bakeries around town are happy to let you see them make the bread, even if they don’t speak English. To see it made in an open kitchen, drop into Bread House, a downtown Tbilisi restaurant, and enjoy some bread and a glass of wine.

Things To Do Outside Central Tbilisi

We love central Tbilisi, but there are a few locations within 30 minutes drive of the city centre that are worth getting out of town to see.

Jvari Monastery

Things To Do near Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Jvari Monastery, Mtskheta
View from Jvari Monastery, Mtskheta

The Jvari Monastery is perched on a hill north of Tbilisi, overlooking the confluence of the Aragvi & Mtkvari rivers. Though most visitors drive up there for the view, less realise the significance of the site. Legend says it is here that King Mirian III was converted to Christianity here in the early 4th century AD by the evangelist Saint Nino. A cross was erected and eventually, a church as the kingdom became Christian. The current Jvari Monastery was completed on the site around 605 AD and is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Jvari monastery - day trips from Tbilisi Georgia
Jvari monastery – day trips from Tbilisi Georgia

Don’t have a car? Get a private transfer here

Mtskheta & Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

Things To Do near Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Visit Mtskheta & Svetitskhoveli Cathedral
Visit Mtskheta & Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

The city of Mtskheta was founded in the 5th century BC and became the capital of the region in the 3rd century BC until the capital was moved to Tbilisi in the 6th century AD. It is where the Georgian Orthodox Church was founded and still where they have their HQ.

As well as the Jvari Monastery (Seen on the hill far behind the Cathedral – pictured) the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (1029 AD) is another important UNESCO site. The cathedral was built on an older site from the 4th century AD.

Jvari Monastery and Mtskheta are most easily reached by car or tour (It’s not so possible to walk between the two as there is no nearby river crossing). We could not find a bus to Jvari. Given the low price of taxis and shared tours to Mtskheta, it’s easier just to take one of those options anyway.


Outdoor Ethnographic Museum

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Outdoor Ethnographic Museum of Georgia
Outdoor Ethnographic Museum of Georgia

One of our surprise favorite museums in Tbilisi, or anywhere. We went in with very low expectations as the Ethnographic museum is a little run down – though is under slow refurbishment. However, for a dollar or two entry, we were impressed. For 50+ years, the museum has been moving traditional dwellings from all over Georgia to this one outdoor location on the hill above Vake. With a huge variance in climate across Georgia, the types of dwellings are all surprisingly different.

The best draw of the museum was that they have volunteers hanging out in some of the dwellings who will explain to you how people used to live in them and what each room was used for. That personal interaction with locals who spoke English, combined with being in the authentic buildings was a great experience. Don’t expect light shows and choreography but the museum was charming.

Why spend forever searching google maps for all the places on this list – Just get our free interactive map and you’ll find every point of interest PLUS restaurants and accommodation all highlighted in one easy tourist map of Tbilisi.

Tbilisi Sea & Gino Paradise Water Park

Photo by <a href="">Maksim</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Tbilisi Sea

A huge reservoir to the North East of Tbilisi is known to locals as the Tbilisi Sea. In one location they have an artificial beach. In another, you’ll find the Gino Paradise Waterpark. Locals flood to the beach and waterpark during the hot mid-summer days to cool off.

Gino Paradise Waterpark, a popular aquatic adventure park in Tbilisi, offers an array of thrilling water slides, pools, and relaxation areas, making it a perfect destination for families and thot tourists looking to cool off and have fun in the Georgian heat.

Turtle Lake

Things To Do in Tbilisi attractions | Places To Visit In Tbilisi Map Google: Turtle Lake Tbilisi
Things To Do Near Tbilisi: Turtle Lake

Dining and swimming at Turtle Lake is another spot to escape the heat, and the tourists, as this is almost exclusively a local spot. You can reach it by taxi/car or by taking the lesser known small cable car from Vake Park.

Chronicles of Georgia

Things to do in Tbilisi Georiga - Chronicles of Georgia
Chronicles of Georgia

The Chronicles of Georgia perched atop a hill overlooking the Tbilisi Sea, is a colossal structure often referred to as the “Stonehenge of Georgia,” though it’s far more recent, having been started in the late 20th century by the Georgian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli.

This impressive monument towers over the landscape, reaching a height of about 30 meters. It’s composed of massive stone pillars, each one intricately carved with figures and scenes depicting various chapters from Georgian history. The top part of the monument celebrates kings, queens, and heroes from Georgia’s past, paying homage to their contributions to the nation’s legacy. The lower part is adorned with reliefs that represent stories from the life of Christ. The sheer scale and detail of the work are breathtaking, offering a visual journey through the country’s past.

Visiting the Chronicles of Georgia provides not just a history lesson, but also a spectacular view. From this vantage point, you can gaze out over the Tbilisi Sea and the surrounding area, making it a perfect spot for contemplation and photography. It’s a bit off the beaten path, but that adds to its allure, offering a more serene and personal experience away from the bustling city centre.

To get photos without the crowds head there first thing in the morning.

Take A Wine Tour Or Day Trip From Tbilisi

Kakheti wine region, Kakheti wine tours
Kakheti family Wineries, Kakheti wine tours

We released a guide to Georgian Wineries including a map.

Some of the best scenery and history in Georgia is outside of Tbilisi. Although you can rent a car, some of the roads (and road rules) are pretty terrible. Even google maps should not be trusted outside of Tbilisi as some routes marked as roads are just rocky tracks – we found this out the hard way when trying to self-drive to David Gareji Monastery. Plus, if you want to try lots of the amazing Georgian wine and stop in at one of a huge selection of vineyards, getting a guide and doing a day trip from Tbilisi is the best choice.

These days we actually own our own food and wine tour company in Georgia and we run trips to the wine regions hosted by our fantastic local guides. Click here to discover our itineraries and book a tour today!

Accommodation in Tbilisi

Best hotels in Tbilisi Georgia
Best hotels in Tbilisi Georgia
  1. The Biltmore: This approximately 5-star hotel is a blend of luxury and location. Situated on Rustaveli Avenue, it’s in the heart of Tbilisi’s cultural and business centre. Guests can expect top-notch amenities, stunning views of the city, and perhaps a dash of glamour. It’s ideal for those who love to indulge in a bit of luxury while exploring the city.
  2. Rooms Hotel Tbilisi: This 4-star design hotel, also on Rustaveli Avenue, is known for its chic, contemporary style. It’s a favourite for those who appreciate a blend of modern aesthetics with traditional Georgian touches. Its location is perfect for city exploration, being close to major tourist attractions.
  3. Vinotel: A 4-star haven for wine lovers, Vinotel is located across the river, offering a quieter retreat while still being opposite Tbilisi’s old town. Its focus on wine is evident in its décor and offerings, making it a unique experience for those who appreciate a good glass of vino.
  4. Communal Sololaki: Nestled in the Bohemian district near old town, this 4-star boutique hotel offers a more intimate, artsy vibe. It’s perfect for those who want to be close to the cultural heartbeat of the city and enjoy a cosy, personalised stay.
  5. Moxy: This 3-star design hotel by Marriott, positioned opposite old town, offers a more youthful and modern vibe. It’s perfect for those looking for a stylish yet affordable stay with all the reliable amenities of a Marriott.

Accommodation in Tbilisi (Best Hotels – opens in new Tab) – Our Popular Tbilisi Accommodation article outlines some of our top picks for where to stay in Tbilisi.

Or Browse Tbilisi Hotels On: | Agoda | Expedia |

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Getting To Tbilisi

Getting to Tbilisi is becoming easier and easier with new flight options continuing to open up every year. You can currently fly to Tbilisi from within Europe with Pegasus, Georgian Air, or fly budget into Kutaisi with Wizz. There are also plenty of flight options from outside Europe too. Or if you’re up for an adventure why not take the train from Istanbul to Tbilisi and see some amazing countryside along the way!

==> Listen to our Tbilisi Arrival Guide Podcast for all the info you need for visiting Tbilisi and Georgia.

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Things To Do In Tbilisi Map (interactive). Our guide explores 40 activities & places to visit in Tbilisi. Our Free Tbilisi Map has 100+ points of interest.Things To Do In Tbilisi Map (interactive). Our guide explores 40 activities & places to visit in Tbilisi. Our Free Tbilisi Map has 100+ points of interest.Things To Do In Tbilisi Map (interactive). Our guide explores 40 activities & places to visit in Tbilisi. Our Free Tbilisi Map has 100+ points of interest.