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About Us – Food Fun Travel

About Us – Food Fun Travel

Hey there, fellow foodies! We’re Tommo & Megsy, the duo behind Food Fun Travel, now proudly based in Tbilisi, Georgia for the last 5 years. As food and travel photographers, podcasters, writers, and now local food and wine experts in Georgia, we’re all about diving into the culinary delights and vinicultural wonders of the region.

From savouring a 50 cent curry and naan bread in the bustling streets of Calcutta, cooked in a makeshift tandoori oven, to indulging in the exquisite art of Michelin star dining, we’re committed to exploring every corner of the globe. But our hearts are firmly rooted in Georgia, where we’ve become connoisseurs of the local cuisine and wine. Join us as we photograph, savour, and share the world’s most tantalizing dishes – especially the hidden gems of our beloved Georgia!

Oh, did we mention we now run our own food and wine tour company right here in Georgia? At Eat This! Tours, we specialize in intimate, small-group experiences, taking our guests on a journey through the hidden gems of Georgia’s culinary scene. From exclusive 6-course food and wine pairings in family-run vineyards of Kakheti to hands-on khinkali making classes and authentic supra feasts, we offer an immersive dive into the heart and soul of Georgian cuisine.

Megsy & Tommo Food Fun Travel

We seek out wine & food worth traveling for – and inspire others through photography and storytelling to also experience these one of a kind food experiences.

Focusing on:

  • Degustation meals. Finding the perfect bite-sized balance between local food and wine, or beer – we’re not picky. We love it all!
  • Food Guides. What to eat and where. Gastronomy guides for the virgin traveler, or perhaps someone looking for that new dish they are yet to discover.
  • Natural (Biodynamic) / Artisan Wine. WSET2 (distinction, 96%) qualified, and currently studying to pass the Georgian sommelier’s exam. We’ve visited over 200 wineries in Georgia (Europe) and beyond to discover unique wine and ancient, natural winemaking technique.
  • Food tours and cooking classes. Getting your hands dirty and learning how to make these unique international dishes for yourself. Or perhaps touring a country in search of the best of the best of a particular countries cuisine.
  • Weird and Wonderful Foods of the World. Not everything looks palatable. We are willing to put our palates and stomachs on the line to try some of the weirder traditional foods out there

Craft Breweries Brisbane

We’ve Eaten Our Way Through 95+ Countries…

Random fun facts about Tommo & Megsy

  • We’ve both been traveling pretty much full time since 2008.
  • We met in Denmark in 2010 and have been traveling together ever since.
  • We have been to 95+ countries combined.
  • Megsy had been to all 7 continents, including Antarctica. And visited both arctic circles in the same year (2009).

Some of our crazy adventures we’ve had in those 95+ countries

Megsy & Tommo Food Fun Travel

So why are we qualified to write about food and travel?

Passion, Experience & Qualifications.

How many hours would you travel for a particular dish? Think about it. How far would you go to try the wine made by reclusive monks in a far off monastery? We think about these things every single day that we travel, and we are willing to put our time and our stomachs on the line to do the taste testing for you. We aim to be the number 1 food travel resource for foodies all over the world, so you know when you do make those long journeys, it will be worth the trip.

We have been traveling the world full-time since 2008 but we have been seeking out delectable dishes around the world for many more years before. We also aim to deliver the very best food photography from around the globe. No more looking at crappy TripAdvisor images trying to figure out if the meal is worth your time. We will offer professional photos to help you plan your next foodie adventure, or just to sit at home and drool over.

Tommo is wine qualified: WSET2 (Distinction, 96%). And expects to complete his already in-progress Georgian Sommelier qualification in 2024, to specialize in Georgian biodynamic/natural wines.

We love food & wine. And we want to share our passion with all of you.

Who the hell are Megsy & Tommo?


food fun travel tommo

Originally from the UK, I caught the travel bug in 2006 and since then spent my time seeking out ways to earn a living whilst traveling.

The simplest starting point was to have a job that incorporates travel. I started as a musician, it’s a flexible career that lets anyone motivated enough, to find or create international opportunities. From living in the French alps to working on a cruise ship and many travel and backpacking trips in between, I have come to realize that you can see a lot of the world and get paid to do it, but like any full-time job, work always comes first and you often miss out on the freedom of independent travel…

This blog is all about the culmination of everything we have learned about traveling being taken forward into perpetual TRAVEL FREEDOM. Join us as we embark on a journey into the unknown and we bring back stories and advice from all the destinations we’ll be visiting.

My latest adventure, since 2016, has been exploring the wines and wine culture of Georgia (Europe) which has led me to get my WSET2 (distinction) international wine qualification, and soon to qualify as a Georgian sommelier. But, during that process, I’ve still found the time to explore the food & wine of other countries around the world.

Favourite food experience ever: Eating potato kulcha in Amritsar India, made in an oil drum converted into a tandoori oven. Served with a chickpea curry it cost a whopping 50 cents!
Favourite dish: It’s either Naples pizza or the amazing cheesy bread in Georgia – I really can’t decide!
Favourite drink: Small-batch Georgian amber wine from a top notch artisan producer, or a nice pint of BrewDog Punk IPA.


food fun travel - megsy

Deciding in 2006 to head overseas, none of my friends seemed interested in joining me so I went off by myself…..well sort of, I was on a Geckos tour for a large portion of the trip but it was a start!

Traveling through Vietnam and Cambodia I realized that the thing I love most about travel is the people and their stories, whether they happen to be locals or fellow travelers, everyone had a good yarn to tell and was willing to take the time to sit down with a stranger and tell it.

I started work on Cruise Ships in 2008 and was lucky enough to get to see most of the world through my 2 and a half years at sea. My guilty pleasure is telling people I’ve been in both arctic circles in the same year!

In 2010 I met a boy who it turns out has a love of travel just like me, and not just the everyday travel but the urge to go to places that no one you or I know has ever been to or even heard of. Tom and I never want to stop traveling. It’s about constantly seeking out the next adventure and making sure that when you get there you make it worthwhile meeting awesome people, have an amazing time and when you’re old and grey you have a great story to tell!!!

Favourite food experience ever: Having dinner with a Mongolian family in their ger. They couldn’t speak English – we couldn’t speak Mongolian. But we found a connection through food and song. Amazing Night!
Favourite dish: Saganaki – fried cheese. Just give me fried cheese and I’m yours! Also any kind of dumpling…
Favourite drink: I’m an Aussie gal through and through, and I love a bold Australian Shiraz. Preferably from the Mclaren Vale region. These days I also love a nice oak aged Rkatsiteli or a glass of Mukuzani

Food Fun Travel - Megsy & Tommo

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