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Food Fun Travel

Megsy & Tommo have spent 10+ years travelling the world in search of the ultimate foodie vacation experiences. The Food Fun Travel blog delivers travel & food inspiration to ignite your senses.


ExpatHub is the pre-eminent specialist on legal matters for expats living in the Republic of Georgia. Offering a one-stop-shop for expat services in Georgia, from legal to real estate & relocation.

Eat This! Tours

Food & Wine Tours in Georgia that specialise in authentic independent vineyard visits, bio wines, traditional cuisine, & true Georgian hospitality.


Q. What do a group of whales listen to on a long journey?
A. Podcasts.

Got a journey coming up? To work, to a new city, to the toilet? (we all know you take your phone…. )

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Your Hosts

Tom – Eat This! Tours

Tom, is the owner of Eat This! Food & Wine Tours and helps people discover artisan wine, meet winemakers in person and sit down to eat with them, as well as discover some of the most exciting traditional and fusion cuisine across Georgia.

Tom is also one of the owners at ExpatHub.GE, where he specializes in relocation & real estate.

Megsy – Food Fun Travel

Meg is a food and travel writer and podcaster who likes nothing more than sharing her passion with others.

She has been featured in online publications such as Forbes Women, Buzzfeed, Yahoo Travel, News.com.au and more.

Janar – ExpatHub.GE

Janar is Managing Partner at ExpatHub.GE, the one-stop-shop for expat services in Georgia. A specialist in international business structures and tax, he helps people relocating themselves, or their business affairs, to Georgia, get the best possible advice.

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